Thursday, October 29, 2015

Luna wishes you a Happy Halloween !

I was a little sneaky today – and very lucky !  A Creative Medley, a machine embroidery designer I follow on Facebook, gave us a freebie miniature Halloween shirt design ! It’s made for those ‘Elf on the Shelf’ dolls (sorry, I hate ‘em), but I already knew her short-sleeved versions can be stitched in stretchy material for sixth-scale dolls. This freebie, however, was long-sleeved and made for a 5x7 hoop. Brody’s max field, as I’m sure you know, is 4x4.

So I shrank the freebie design down – not recommended, it can really throw off the design and its integrity, but I did it anyway – with free Bernina software and stitched it out. Since I didn’t have any stretchy fleece in orange, I used some great felt. Came out OK, but the sleeves were an absolute nightmare to turn right-side out ! Thank Heavens for hemostats. Much too small for Barbie, as expected, but it fit the MH girls just fine ! Of course, now I want some fleece. . . which is conveniently on sale at Hancock Fabrics right now. . .

Maybe tomorrow. I was actually kind of tired after taking Dearest Son to the half-off local thrift sale. He found a pretty Disney Store stuffed Marie (Aristocats) and a Bratz doll he liked, I found a 1997 Dolls of the World French Barbie, a DVD set of the first season of Sailor Moon, a My Scene ‘Masquerade Madness’ DVD, a silly ‘Magic Reveal’ Disney Princess coloring pad, and eight VHS tapes for the IL’s, since the player I bought them yesterday works. Cherry picked at Local Grocery #2, then dropped off movies at the IL’s. ‘Just dropping off’ usually takes about a half hour, if I’m lucky and they’re busy, I can cut away in maybe 15. After all that, I was ready for a nap !

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