Monday, October 26, 2015

Lost my wrench. . .

Not sure what happened to Sunday – I really didn’t do much besides cook a couple meals, and the day was over. Dearest Son is going nuts over his computers again, making me long for the funds to get him a new one, just to achieve the blessed quiet that would bring for one, maybe two, weeks. The ILs have sent both their computers to us, one at a time, for updates and maintenance, and Dearest is convinced that aspects of theirs are better than his, and he’s kvetching about it. I was glad to toss MIL’s back at her !

Yeah, I hadda take them to OldTown today. Funny how their appointments, which were ‘Tuesdays Only’, suddenly became Monday appointments when I’m evidently the only one who can take them. It’s also now at the end of the month, instead of at the first, when they have money. Yup, no gas money again, ‘cause they’re broke. And, yes, after Game Day, I get to take them to the pharmacy. Again. It’s gotta happen, I gotta do it, might as well get used to it and make the best of it. Now, where’s my Attitude Adjustment Wrench ™ ?

On the plus side, it didn’t take nearly as long as it has before – we weren’t even done yet at the thrift. Spent $9., got jeans I know fit Dearest Son, ‘cause he tried them on, a bag of misc. small toys (mostly for the two Belle figurines within), a great kids’ Princess Hello Kitty skirt and a small blue velvet dress, both for fabrics, a little mini Spirograph set (I’ve been wanting one), a trophy and Barbie corvette for Dearest, and one of those knockoff DP&M dolls Mal-Wart sells for $10. The doll was less than a dollar, but now I can see for m’self if their clothes fit my DP&M girls, in case one is wearing something I like.

Surprisingly, her little satin shoes – rosette bows removed by owner, I’m presuming – fit FT Frankie, although they’re not very attractive. I may take them apart, use them for  patterns for better ones. The grab-bag of small toys got me two Belle figurines, one from the Christmas DVD, one from a cake decoration pack, an unopened Happy Meal ‘Filmore’, from Cars, an unopened Happy Meal miniature heart pillow sponsored by Valentine’s Day candy SweetHearts, a zippered Disney Princess tin coin box, a tiny Hello Kitty house with doll-size character and props inside – and that’s just the stuff I kept ! I left the two Happy Meal MLP characters (including an unopened Fluttershy), six or seven (over half unopened) kids’ meal aliens from Home, three fully-dressed Polly Pocket dolls, some baby doll props, and other junk for Dearest to dig through, choose what he wants and return the rest for re-donation.

I turned down another Tolly Tots Rapunzel – the one I already bought from them was in better shape and slightly cheaper – and Disney Store toddler Snow White. Toddler Punzie was priced at $8., and Snow was only $3., but Snow lacked shoes and her dress wasn't in good shape. I’d have snagged her for shoes at that price, though.

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