Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fun at the flea, disappointment at the sewing machine.

Busy Saturday. Went to the Flea Market with Dearest Son, where he spent $17. and I spent 25¢. He snagged a PS2 Star Wars Lego game (original trilogy), a van seat, a box of four 80s racing trophies, and a Chipmunks “Theodore” drinking glass from 1985. Needless to say, he was very happy. The owner of the van seats wanted $60. for the set of three (two crew, one bench), but I told him Dearest had $5. Guess he wanted those seats gone, he told us we could have the lot for that. Dearest wisely chose the best of the two crews, and we carried it out to Emmy-car’s trunk. Then went back for more ! I’d have snagged that bench seat if we’d have been able to get it home.

Once home, he tested Original Trilogy Star Wars, which worked perfectly, but our game unit started up with some truly annoying interference hum-buzzing. Wiggling the cords didn’t silence it for long, so his eternal cantina bar fight was abbreviated. Long as it was connected, I decided to finally fix the Parental Controls lockout for DVDs instigated by the previous owner, and thanks to some Google-fu, that was easily resolved. Unfortunately, I could barely hear the movie for the interference noise, now even louder. Dearest showed me that Amazon had a new, improved cord for only $5., but I checked our Family Box O’ Cables and found the original one to our PS3. That particular device was using a specialty cord from Beloved Hubby’s old computer to connect to the made-this-century TV in the living room, so we used the PS3 cord on the PS2. Works perfectly – and silently ! Yaaay ! I got a DVD player in the Playroom, and saved us $5. and a week of waiting for an improved cord.

And I decided to not buy a pattern for my latest Frankie doll. Although there’s three out there I like, I decided to alter a very simple pattern I already had instead. As you can tell from today’s photo, that was a mistake. It fits terribly, tight in places and gapping in others, my bad stitching is only invisible due to good thread, and in short, if I paid a quarter for it, I’d feel ripped off. At least I tried. So, guess who’s buying a pattern tomorrow ?

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  1. I really love the "really" big dolls, but I still can't decide which to get first ;) I had no idea they were as big as they are! I thought maybe they would be Jem size which I was excited about because it's hard to find shoes to fit my Jem collection, but boy was I wrong! How do you like the posability? Looking forward to seeing your creations for Frankie.