Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dress Swap !

Decided that, since I was taking Dearest Son to TRU tomorrow, I’d return the thread on the way there. And, yes, I’ve decided on something else to spend my funds on, if TRU doesn’t have it, I’ll order it tomorrow. Let you know what it is then !

Cleaned up the slight mess generated by Bree’s owl dress, and wondered how it’d fit on other Disney-themed dolls I have, and as you can see, it fits the slightly smaller LDP dolls just fine. They can trade shoes, too. Might tweak the pattern to raise the neckline and narrow it a bit, but everything else is good. It’s great when I can use a pattern on more than one doll ! I wasn’t able to use the given directions when I was sewing it – computer was getting its oft-delayed upgrade to Windows 10 at the time – but I think I did fine with it. Win10’s pretty good, too. I think it fixed a few issues, like my ongoing probs with Flash, and my system’s running faster than before. For free. Nice !

And it’s great to not feel like I have to make something every day. I love the challenge, but I can only do it maybe twice a year, tops. It’s great to see how much I can do, and it encourages me to make some crafting for me time, but pushing m’self when I’m sick or exhausted after a super-busy day isn’t fun. ‘Three Projects’ got lost in September, I need to pick that back up.

Found out yesterday that FIL is ‘adopting’ stray Wi-Fi from the tony new apartments just completed across their street, so I gotta start being careful on Facebook again. No family cares about my blog, so it’s still anything goes here ! I would challenge anyone to prove what I say isn’t true, although anyone’s free to not agree with my take on any given situation.

Meanwhile, my extreme laziness put me to work this afternoon. Last week, I bought a small heart-shaped pillow from OldTown’s thrift store. Was gonna tear it apart for the Mary Engelbreit cherry print ruffle, but it was faded on one side, so it ended up supporting my back in my desk chair. Only thing I didn’t like was that I had to adjust it every time I stood up, and pick it up off the floor several times a day. So today, I dug in the stash and unearthed a wide black ribbon with Velcro ™ on the ends. It fit around the chair back. . . so I hand-sewed it to the pillow. Now it’s secured to the chair back, but I can adjust it to just the right spot, whenever I want. Or pop it off if it’s in the way. Perks up the look of the chair, too.

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