Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cleanings and Hastings. . .

I just couldn’t take my messy Arena anymore today ! I had repairs and new fabric and plastic crowns and new dolls everywhere, and could barely type without knocking something over. So a good chunk of the day went to a good ole fashioned cleaning. The scissors section of that nonslip sewing pocket-thingie I made had torn, so that had to be pulled out from under my embroidery machine and fixed, and while that was done, I needed to dust off the table, too. Of course, repairing that meant I had to change the thread on my sewing machine, which also needed to be cleaned.

But first, moving all the tiaras I keep on display on top of the sewing machines got on my nerves, so I bent some big paper clips and made off-center sort of odd S-hooks out of them – perfect for hanging these diadems from the tall clothing rod in the door-less closet I use for storage. I can easily retrieve and hang them back up, and all I’ll need for another circlet acquisition is another big paper clip, there’s still space. And they look rather cool up there. Not having to shuffle these things around – but still being able to wear them whenever I want to – is such a relief !

That done, I swept and folded and sorted and stored until I was feeling much better about the whole space. I barely caught my breath when Beloved Hubby announced he wanted to prowl around Best Buy for a bit, so off we went. We got Dearest Son a new keyboard and mouse set (same price in store as on Amazon – we checked) , and ended up at Hastings. They were having awesome sales ! Used DVDs were buy one, get another for $1., and all used books were $2.99 ! I ended up getting the Frozen sketch train case I wanted last time, I still think it’s just beautiful. Now it holds my daily medicines. The MH lunchbox I was using for that now holds FT Frankie’s growing wardrobe. My guys found some movies, and I found the ”Silence of the Lambs” novel and three “Bathroom Reader” books in the used shelves. Whoo-hooo !

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