Wednesday, October 21, 2015

At least I got all three fat quarters for only $4. !

Such a bad girl today – I bought another doll. I’ve been debating for weeks whether or not to snag a MH Porter Geiss, and never could make up my mind. The MH group I joined on Facebook had several users saying they’d seen tons of him at Mal-Wart, and I was curious, as I’d never seen him in the harsh light of retail, just in Mattel promo photos and a few images of others’ dolls. Always $20., often plus shipping, too. 

So of course I looked after obtaining Dearest Son’s ‘scripts, and lo and behold, our M-W had one, behind all the Boo York dolls. (sigh) So much for my little budget surplus. I liked him, couldn’t take the chance he’d be gone by Friday, and he went into the cart. And the duplicate Star Wars spaceship and Frozen fat quarters I’d snagged – just $1.44 each ! – went back to the Fabric section. I kept one of each, though. 

At least we got a bit of exercise, wandering from the Pharmacy to Clearance, over to Fabric, then Star Wars action figures – I saw a ‘classic’ Han & Leia set ! – and Lego, then DVDs, video games, and poking through Groceries, then all the way back to Toys when Dearest couldn’t quite decide whether to save Friday’s allowance or spend it on an Anakin & Yoda set. Ultimately (at the register) he decided to put it back, so he had to scuttle back to Toys while my stuff was rung up. Luckily, Toys is close to Christmas.

But while he was still undecided, we toured the former-Garden-now-Christmas section, and they’re slightly cheaper on those two Elsa ornaments I saw at TRU. Hopefully they’ll still be there at the first of the month. Not much on the two MH ones. However, I liked the MH wrapping paper – want some of that, too ! Wonder if Dollar Tree will get any.

I’m still kind of surprised I went all ‘gotta have him !’ for Porter. I mean, the thrilling rush of trying to find dolls before they vanished forever kind of peters out when you have over sixty, and the new ones just don’t appeal. Especially when they don’t do anything anymore with your favorite characters, just keep pushing out new ones. Been there, done that (See Ranma ½, 1995). Still, I like the guy dolls, and Porter is quite handsome. (grin) There’s only two ‘mansters’ I don’t have (Valentine and Manny Taur) and I don’t like either of ‘em, so I think most of my fevered MH days are over. Unless Mattel brings out a FT Ghoulia, I’m pretty much done.

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  1. Dorrie, I hear that the 6" Black Series of SW figures is going to have a classic Leia soon!