Thursday, October 22, 2015

This is one picture-perfect manster with an itchy painting finger !

Rain from 1pm on, it’s still raining now. We were darn near in drought conditions, although we had tons of rain during the spring months. And, yes, people were hydroplaning out on the interstate with less than an inch of rainfall.

Luckily, Dearest Son and I hit Dollar Tree early. I got such a good parking space, two cars were vying for it when we left. I eased out slowly, allowing the first car to get in position before driving off, thwarting car-come-lately. It was my evil deed of the day.

Found an unusual Disney Princess coloring book, last one of its kind they had. I was wondering why several pages were repeated four times. At first, I thought that’s why it ended up at DTree, but no, it was that way on purpose. It’s a Disney ‘Color and Play’ book, which encourages users to use all of the versions of the same image, then download  a free iPhone /  iPad / Android app that purports to let you ‘watch your coloring masterpiece come to life !’. That’s about a third of the book, the rest is like a regular coloring and activity book, just with new costumes for the prince and princess characters. That’s why I bought it. Seeing a line drawing of Aurora in a modified version of Philip’s clothes was worth a buck all by itself ! Wonder if you could ‘see your masterpiece’ if you scanned and printed the page… they also had several Star Wars coloring books featuring fan-fave new droid BB-8.

We got our usual groceries and snacks, and I got a grab-bag packet of twenty holographic and foil sheets from the stationery section. Not sure how I’ll use ‘em, but they’re certainly pretty ! It’s ten sheets of holo, ten of foil, both offering two sheets each of the same five colors (i.e., two hot pink holo, two hot pink foil), a little thicker than paper, not as thick as cardstock. I’m fairly certain each packet has the same arrangement, but I got one with the silver showing. I love silver.

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