Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Stuff Thursday !

Felt a little restless today, so Dearest Son and I hit the thrift we usually visit after Game Day. They’ve declared every Thursday from now ‘til the end of the month as ‘half off everything’ days – sounds good to me ! The TollyTots Aurora I nearly bought two weeks ago was still there, and was pretty reasonable with the sale. Dearest snagged another trophy from this century, and three bucks anna quarter later, we were on our way for some cherry-picking at the main local grocers. Big bags of Kettle Chips for a buck ? I got two !

Once home, I de-bagged my latest LDP-  yikes. There’s signs up saying dolls are bagged so they won’t be undressed, but I think this one was to hide the purple knee-to hip leg and stained dress. (sigh) Kind of a shame, as her hair is very nice. Frankie’s enjoying wearing her crown, I just wish she’d come with her shoes. Hopefully I can clean her up and re-dress her in something long. . .

Ah, well. Time to sew anyway ! The ‘space’ fabric scrap I had is down to bits and pieces, and I had to play with what I had to get enough for the dress. That’s why Earth is upside down. But I can say it’s a very good pattern, pretty simple, and the hardest part is the neckline. I couldn’t resist those so-80s shoulders, but it’ll be easy to sew them flat. In fact, there’s a lot of alterations I can do to this pattern and have a host of clothes from it. Only thing I don’t like is that the arms are super-tight, and that’s skipping the elastic shirring the pattern calls for. Took me about an hour and a half, but that’s with several breaks and me taking my time and re-reading the well-illustrated directions several times. All that’s left is writing the review I promised.

And I am sooo ready for bed !

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