Monday, October 19, 2015

Frankie's a candy corn cutie !

Well, things kinda went replonza today – while on the way home, out on the interstate, Beloved Hubby’s truck gave forth a horrible grinding noise from the back end, all the dashboard lights flashed on, and we now have twice-a-month payments on a dead Ford Ranger. I got him home, we called our lizard-based car insurance, and it cost us $3. and a tip to get it towed home. He and I were both so stressed, we ordered Chinese for dinner and watched a movie together, temporarily forgetting about the whole thing.

But we’re not totally hosed, Beloved’s boss has a spare truck we can use until we get the Ranger fixed, and one of his co-workers has already offered to help with repairs, when we can afford ‘em. Whew. Things could have gone a lot worse, very easily.

He’s using my car to get to the truck tomorrow, so I’m off the hook for Game Day. Dearest Son is fine with it – I got him a big pizza for lunch to make up for it – so I’m looking forward to a recovery day, just wish Beloved could stay home and relax.

Luckily, earlier in the day I got to sew. I actually had this fabric out for another doll dress, but decided to try it out for Version 2 of the Clown Chic pattern from Fable-ous Designs. Came out great ! I’m still a bit challenged by the neckline, but doing it a bit earlier than the directions call for makes it a little easier mentally – I’m not dreading it for so long ! I like how it came out, and so does Amanda, the pattern’s designer. Ah, sweet praise, almost as good as cheese-based snacks !

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