Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Frankie's new chair !

Yay, Frankie has her own seating. It’s not much special, but it fits her and I think it looks OK, so I’m happy. Perhaps she is, too. Basically, I just covered the seat back with a black felt pouch sewn on my machine, wrapped the rest of the can with a sheet of decorated felt. Cut up the lid and added fleece for cushioning, then gathered a black felt circle around it and fit it in. Seating ! With maybe a dollar for patterned felt invested.

I was still interested in buying a pattern for her size, but couldn’t quite make up my mind. The one seller I was familiar with, but I already had a pair of pants and I’d have a simple t-shirt worked out on my own sooner or later. Plus, I remembered that her other patterns all used a narrow 1/8” seam allowance, rather a pain in my experience. Redrafting the pattern with a larger allowance threw the whole pattern off, so in the end, I may as well have taken that $12. and tossed it. Her patterns aren’t $2. or $3. anymore – they’re $8. and $10. now ! Well, that pretty much scratched her pattern off my list.

I started to wonder if the other designer, Fable-ous Finds, also utilized the hated 1/8” seams. While the pattern descriptions are quite thorough, that was the one thing not mentioned. So I asked. (grin) She hates 1/8” seams too, she said, so all of hers use a standard quarter inch for seams, half inch for hems and clousures. Yes !  I gleefully bought the dress one, and hope to snag the ‘Ringleader’ jacket and leggings one next week. While I’m a bit tired to sew tonight, I read through it, and it seems like a great pattern. Considering how many alterations I had to make on that sack-like SuperSize Barbie pattern, I really wasn’t ready to try a dress yet. Now I got one tailor made and ready to go. Whoo-hoo !

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