Monday, October 5, 2015

Haven't we all spent a not-relaxing few days on Shxx Creek ? There's never any paddles, though.

It feels so strange to still have first-of-the-month funds. I’d only spent $3. on designs, and $2. of that was for a limited-time fund-raiser. The other was a free-standing lace star on markdown, three of my favorite things in one package. Today I spent another $2. on a sale keychain design – Beloved Hubby was having a bad day, and I couldn’t resist making  this one for him. Rest assured, the real one isn’t blocked and says exactly what you think it does.

Took Dearest Son to Dollar Tree today, mostly because I wanted some cheese popcorn. I also needed more tissues – the box upstairs is empty, the one down here is about halfway so. Also snagged a felt-like ‘Classic Multi-Purpose Mat’ – sort of a really thin carpet sample. Went with the heather grey instead of solid black or green, since it’ll look good with the Room With A View brick walls and not show thread and dust so easily.

Another dollar went for a knockoff ‘Ice Princess’ organza kids’ skirt and yet a third got me a slightly glittery green cat-ears headband. And I got my popcorn ! The registers were a mess, though. At one, a gaggle of Junior League-type young women bought 83 white tablecloths, and they requested that the cashier scan them one at a time and place them just so, one at a time, in bags, but no more than ten to a bag. The other lane hosted a woman who had $7. in bills to pay her $6-something total, (which she didn’t even reach for her wallet and dig through several bank envelopes until after she’d watched everything get rung up like a hawk . . .at an ‘everything’s a dollar‘ store) but she was determined to dig in her huge tote for exact change. She’d spread out the tote and her wallet and contents of the tote all over the conveyor, so no one else could even put their stuff down. After a three minute wait, I went to the tablecloth line, and my stuff started getting rung up while she still dug for it. Guy behind her finally paid the three cents so he could go already. He was out the door while she carefully checked her bag to make sure all six of her items were present. She was still there when we left – I had my money ready and our stuff arranged, stars know I had plenty of time.

Then we went to CityOf to pay the utility bill – while the car ahead of us was clearly confused about the process which involved many questions and she didn’t start writing her check until after I’d cut Emmy-car’s engine and hung my payment and statement out the window in frustration. Would have walked it to the night drop, but I was already penned in the line she made. I was done before she even pulled completely away – too busy checking her phone – so I had to wait for her twice. Car behind me honked, she hadn’t pulled up enough to let him/her move up to get their transaction started. Guess it was Thoughtless Monday in OurTown.

On the plus side, I’m feeling much better, but still tired. My diuretics are working again – while I was drinking water constantly, evidently there wasn’t much to spare until today, hence the impatience – always a good sign. Dearest and I are planning a trip to TRU Friday, and I may hit Tarzhay after Game Day tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll have my funds spent soon !

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