Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Luna's Halloween costume. Meow !

Oookay. I think I now know why I don’t go to Tarzhay more often. Besides it being across town, they’re expensive ! Maybe I’m spoiled by the cheapie local grocer, but aside from a couple sale items, everything else was darn high ! I literally couldn’t find a 2-liter of soda for less than $1.79. And their prices for many other things, like bakery bread, were the same as the equally distant high-end crunchy-organic store. Whoof. 

I’d been lured by tales of sales on MH, and I never did get that one Ghoulaura. . . well, ours evidently sells out before sales, save for that one time, ‘cause there wasn’t a single pre-Boo York doll there, unless Cirque Du Strange came out first. Dearest Son found some small things to spend his allowance on – he wasn’t interested in Game Day today – but all I got for me was a frozen pizza for lunch. Even the thrift was bare – there were signs trumpeting today’s ‘triple sale’, but the cashier was too busy on her phone to answer questions. Yes, for the entire time we were there. So, yup, still got nearly all my funds.

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