Friday, October 23, 2015

Take off all the gummi worms, Ghoulia's even sweeter !

Had so much fun deboxing Porter Geiss – he ‘went live’ his first day here as the ‘need to debox’ pile was getting big enough to become furniture – that I decided to take ‘Sweet Screams’ Ghoulia off the stack. Took off all the plastic bits on her outfit that I didn’t like and resettled her glasses on top of her head. Really not into all that ‘gummy’ theme, but she is simply gorgeous, and irresistible even in that eye-assaulting dizzy box. I would have deboxed her the day I bought her, but I really hated that box. Not much for the whole ‘Sweet Screams’ line, honestly, but a darker-haired Ghoulia with that lovely face won me over. It helped that she was on markdown at Big Lots a few months ago, too.

As for the rest of the day, we stayed in. Until Beloved Hubby came home – early ! – and we set off in search of a camper shell for the new truck. He needs one to protect and guard his tools, or it’s an extra hour each day to load and unload, and I’d rather he have that time to write, read, hang with us, or sleep. He found one via Craigslist at a good price an hour away, so we made a little adventure of it, dining on take-out chicken from a local wall-hole (a bit dry but very flavorful), and chattering about nothing the whole trip. The nice-shape Wolverine shell fit perfectly, the former owner even threw in nice clamps for it. It’ll make Beloved easier to identify – it’s red, the truck is white. There’s at least three other white trucks with white shells that cruise past my window at least once daily.  

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