Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well. . . it's a work in progress potato chip chair !

Game day ! It went pretty well, we all sat around and another mom shared a big bag of clementines with anyone who wanted one. Delicious ! Giving serious consideration to bringing a veggie dip tray next week, if funds aren’t too tight.

I’d promised Dearest Son that, on a Game Day that wasn’t too hot, we’d return to that local pick-a-part yard and ask if we could take more pictures. He loved our first visit, I darn near melted. Well, he’s been checking weather forecasts on Tuesdays ever since, and since today promised to be far below Mom-melting weather, off we went. And they were ever gracious, remembered his last visit, and seemed pleased that they could help a car fan out. They encouraged him to open doors, take all the photos of the lot he liked, just none of VIN and plate numbers. He understood. I bet he took at least 60 photos. I got a couple of him sitting in his favorite Corvette, which he posted on his Facebook page almost as soon as we got home. I should do something nice for them, too.

Seeing his bravery inspired me, so before we headed home, we walked a bit further to an re-upholsterer’s shop. I’d heard of other embroiderers reaping huge bags of inspiring vinyls and fabric scraps just for asking, and while I’m a tightwad of the first Dumpster Dive, asking for favors is a bit of a challenge for me. I’d rather use a spate of coupons at Jo-Ann’s and pay the remaining price than ask a businessperson for freebies with nothing in exchange. But I did, and he took my name and number, offering to call when he had a bagload. Which was kind of him. I’m not even gonna hold him to it.

Beloved Hubby’s still ill, and was on the way home early, and I knew he’d like some caffeine-free sodas, so we hit the other local grocer. The one with the cheese sampler – their smoked gouda is amazing ! – the orange slices, and the salsa and tortilla samples. They made for a nice, refreshing snack. I also cherry-picked the few specials I’d missed before their new ad comes out tomorrow, and got the sodas, house-brands, but some of the best and cheapest in the city. Scored some half-off use-fast fresh bratwurst, made in-store daily. Beloved stopped on the way home and snagged some chips, so it was a really nice day. We ate over half the bratwurst for supper – I guess I should say today was delicious !

Decided to put the Pringles can I’d saved for syringe storage to other use, but was too wiped out to work out the upholstery. It’ll be great if I manage to pull this off ! Last can I ate didn’t taste very good, so it might be a while yet before I buy more.

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