Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I didn't know finding the wrench would be such a wrench. . .

Yup. After Game Day, a run to Aldi’s, and a quick visit to Big Lots, plus three loads of laundry and last night’s dishes, then a shower, I had to take the ILs back to OldTown for a pharmacy visit. I tried to paste on a positive face and get on with it, after all, at least I wasn’t sick this time.

It actually went much better, his prescriptions were ready for pick-up at the doctor’s office, and I took MIL to the thrift I was just in yesterday while FIL chilled at the pharmacy. She had a few bucks to spend, so I let out a sigh of relief. . . ‘til she spent more than twice that and asked for ‘help’ at the register. (sigh) Not much I could do, I spent more on her stuff than she did, and was fairly ticked. Next time I get stuck with this run, I’m gonna be too tired to go shopping.

Although I did luck out, the iPod speaker / alarm clock I looked at yesterday and rejected at $8. was marked down to $3. So I bought it. Of course, the iPod dock doesn’t work with my much cheaper MP3 player, but it had a ‘line in’ jack in back. All I’d need was a male-to-male headphone cord, which we had several of in the garage, and I could easily use it. Works great ! A little research showed it was from 2008, and somebody somewhere paid about $80. for it.

MIL texted me afterwards to tell me their DVD / VCR worked, so they were on the hunt for tapes. I see those cheaply all the time, so I’ll probably snag them some. I invited them to the Thursday  half off sale at one thrift, but they declined due to fundage. Then MIL called back, asking if she could invite Aunt S. – the one who’s a bit out of touch, who called cops on Beloved Hubby, accusing him of stealing his own tools ! The ones with his name (which we don’t share with her) on them ! Yeah, I don’t talk to her, she had a lot more to say when I asked how she could do such a thing.

MIL remains in contact knowing all that, plus she ripped a strip off FIL more than once right in front of her and us, because Aunt S. buys her things. MIL’s rationale was that Aunt S. would buy her stuff, and she had a bigger vehicle, in case she found something big. I told her that, if Aunt S. was still driving (we were told she wasn’t), perhaps she’d like to go with Aunt S. instead of me, I didn’t care to keep company with someone who never apologized for all the drama or admitted her slanderous error. And that thrift rarely had furniture. Now I’m wondering why Aunt S. doesn’t take them on all these medical runs. . .

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