Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blue swirls ! A little glitter. . . .

I can't leave Hancock's without new fabric !

This morning, Firefox offered to let me read a Glamor Living article, entitled, “How to Organize Your Pantry Like Khloe Karda- shian’s”. I’m praying it was a parody. I sure as all heck didn’t waste any time reading it. I’m sure I’d store our quinoa incorrectly – especially since I haven’t a clue what it is ! I have so little interest in it that I haven’t looked it up. It doesn’t get much ‘I couldn’t care less’ than that. 

Dearest Son was invited to accompany his grandparents for a bus tour of OurCity, culminating in a quick trip to the hospital for FIL and lunch for all, if it went that long. Made sure he had funds, and he had fun. I think we both benefitted from a little time away from each other, and the ILs relished their time together.

I snagged a few sale groceries and dropped off that blue owl to his/her delighted new owner. Since he works at Hancock Fabrics, I had a look around. Only bought a half-yard of that gorgeous fabric, and on impulse, decided to buy the ‘Today Only - $7.99 !!!’ pack of polyester thread, conveniently located beside the register. Only problem was, they charged me $9.99. Turned out, the discounted price was with a senior discount I don’t qualify for. However, I saw no ‘only with your 55+ ID’ part to the sign. So it’s going back tomorrow or Friday. I would keep it, they offered to adjust the price, but honestly, it was a spur of the moment purchase, and once I compared it to my stash, there’s nothing new here. I can always find something else to spend ten bucks on.

Spent $25. on jeans, but I got eight pair – three for Dearest, five for Beloved Hubby. Wednesday is half-off day at Salvation Army, which I forgot about, and that place was packed. All the registers were going and there were still lines. Clothes were being shoved out still on the transport racks, and were being picked clean nearly as fast. For some reason, the men’s clothing section was much more serene, so I was able to go through all the racks and find their sizes. Pretty good deal, huh ? They got Levis, Wranglers, and Lucky brands, all in great shape. Few more shirts and they’re ready for cooler climes.

Got a call to come pick everyone up just as I finished lunch – FIL was feeling a little under the weather, and I’m much faster than the bus. Unless I decide to return the thread tomorrow, I’m stayin’ home. Need the rest. Want to sew ! Feel much better, but still coughing and very tired.

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