Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To think, I wasn't 'shirr' how to use this tiny scrap !

Current Mood : Enjoying indulgence...

Beloved Hubby started up his Art classes at the Library again today, after a week or two hiatus, but I begged off. It’s been weeks since I had any ‘me’ time at all, much less a whole day, and I was becoming sharp and ragged around the edges. However, all I did with my two hours of quiet narcissism was make experimental pancakes from eight-days-past-expiry milk and loaf on the sofa to a rather boring episode of Jerry Springer. And talk to m’self, which is a long habit of mine that I can’t do anymore, not with anybody listening ! For lunch, while the guys enjoyed some ham, I boiled the last of the rotisserie chicken, picked it clean, and added Dollar Tree noodle soup mix to the froth. Delicious ! Luckily, the soup by itself is good –  and it’s especially awesome, since there’s three packets in the box – but the boiled bones and meat shards gave it some extra depth. Already looking forward to hambone beans in a week or so.

With the cleanliness of the Arena clearly mocking me, I knew I’d need to settle down and sew a bit. I’m now addicted to sewing every day, but I think it keeps me from going too ragged and self-clawing. While lonely people made rude remarks to the sideshow on stage behind the LCD display, I sifted through the book-shaped Box o’ Tiny Scraps ™ for inspiration. Since I have the solo scraps up top, I was soon staring at a neon-hued index-card sized print of sea otters, all fitting together like a mountain range with the ‘Saturation’ turned up to 11. Carefully arranged, I could maybe get a short dress or tunic out of it, with a cute smaller otter front and center. The seashell he held just yelled ‘Lagoona !’ to me, so I made it with her in mind.

The whole time, I thought to m’self – if we’re gonna do a shirred bodice, remember that you need thread in the bobbin first, for all the hemming, then the elastic thread. Of course, I loaded the bobbin with the elastic stuff, first thing. (sigh) I don’t know why I whine about Dearest Son not listening to me. Even I don’t listen to me. But less than an hour later, I had what was simply too small for a dress all stitched out, and a pair of long black shorts to go with it, almost ready to wear. I’m getting better at attaching Velcro ™ before I stitch the back seam, too. Seems silly to brag about that, but it’s true, and I am kinda proud of it in a sad sort of way.

Now I had to shrink my shirring. That’s what really makes it look good on a doll – the pleats and gathers get so tiny with just a simple application of steam. Or spritz the dress with water and iron it with a press-cloth, I’ve done it both ways. Today, I experimented doing it right at the Arena, with the tiny Clover ironing board. And it worked ! I’ll still need to drag out the full-size iron, as the Clover iron doesn’t get hot enough, but I don’t have to arrange anything to get to our wall-mounted human-scale ironing board. That’s in Beloved Territory, and that space clutters up quickly. Oh, I’ll be shirring this summer, for sure !

It’s quiet again, and the night’s creeping toward the Midnight Hours. We have another huge storm system over us, so it’ll probably rain all night. Can’t wait ! I always sleep well with rain at the window and a ham on rye in my cavernous belly ! 


  1. Have you seen that there's real pix of the Life in the Dreamhouse dolls now? I'd say Mattel delivered as far as Raquelle's face goes :)

  2. Ooh, thanks for that link, Alrunia ! Awesome. I needed a lift like her today. Well, once more into the pink aisle !

    (hugs) Thanks for thinking of me !