Monday, May 20, 2013

Abbey looks darn good in a LBD ! The jacket, though....

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Serves me right, bragging about being so fortunate after a storm killed several people not that far away. Had another storm today, and lost internet. Ah, well. Plenty of stuff to do offline, although it was a bit of an adjustment for Dearest Son. No internet, no Netflix, no cable. No cell phones either – turns out, the storm knocked down at least one tower. Luckily, we’d been neglecting the DVDs for some time, so it didn’t take us long to find one to watch. Ratatouille, to be precise ! And he soon remembered some Lego structures he wanted to build, so we soon had both going on in the living room.

As for me – Beloved Hubby napped through the whole thing – I decided to sew some trim on yesterday’s jacket trial, to cover up the stitches and a slight bobble on the right armhole, where the hem came a bit untucked as I was stitching it. Since I was kinda feeling under-teched anyway, I hand-sewed it, although I could have machine-sewn it. Figured it’d be a twinge easier, and I could put that trim precisely where I wanted, with some hand-stitches.

After that, I wanted to set it off with a little black dress, even though I’m still not convinced adding trim improved the jacket. It occurred to me that I’d never made the dress I bought the fourth NG Creations pattern for, and it’d make a good LBD. Cut it out of the same silver/black stuff I made Frankie’s pants from, got it Fray-checked and ready to go.

We learned about the true damage when we visited our friendly neighborhood 7-11. No ATM, no food stamp reader, no gas pumps, no Pay Bills Here, no credit cards – it was all connected, and all out of service. If you were there to do anything but buy a snack and a soda with cash, go to the bathroom, or air up your tires, you were out of luck. I wondered what the rest of OurTown was like, and if there were any lines of communication still functioning outside of newspaper, radio, and carrier pigeon.

The LBD didn’t quite come out as expected – it hung a bit lower than modesty allows, so I took in a quick dart along the underarm seam, and that cinched it up. I need to sew it again, since I used stretchy fabric on a non-stretchy pattern, and that may have caused the error. Won’t know for sure ‘til I try it again, and I will.

Maybe tomorrow. Especially if our internet is still down ! 

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