Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun with rick-rack - I got miles of this stuff, in more colors than Rainbow Dash...

Current Mood : Weary

Of course, I ended up sewing the third dress in that NG Creations pattern, the A-Line Dress. I’m a sucker for sewing all of a pattern, even though I doubt I’ll ever use the bizarre ‘couture’ additions she includes. Mostly ruffles masquerading as capes, strange sleeves, and tiered skirts, so if you ask me, the cleaner, simpler lines are better, but ya’ll know me – I like trees that aren’t dripping four ornaments, flocking, and tinsel on each branch at Christmas. With Memorial Day on the horizon, I thought this fabric would work well. I got several large pieces of it in a thrift store scrap bag about three years ago. It’s kinda busy for doll clothes, but I really like it, so I used some. That’s the only problem with doll clothes in Barbie / play scale – a fat quarter can make a whole wardrobe when you really only wanted that print for a single dress.

Ah, well. If I ever get off my hinder and get busy on Timey Tell’s repro dress pattern, I’m sure I can make a cute dress to use more of it, and a set for Princess Dorrie and Prince Beloved, too.

Not much else going on, we don’t have really anything planned for Memorial Day, except going to visit DMIL & FIL for a bit. Mostly to talk about this move we’re getting pushed about. I’m hoping we can have our say this time, and have it stick a bit more than it has previously. And that they know what they want together for themselves. 

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