Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dot Dead Gorgeous Catrine ?

Current Mood : Dotty

Things always start to look up a bit, that’s the way of humankind, I think. We were able to make a small donation to the Red Cross, and calls to local volunteer agencies told us they were well-stocked for manpower in NearbyCity, but gave us some ideas for other outlets later. So we’re kind of resting a bit today, catching up on housework – I’m still exhausted no matter how much / how little sleep I’m getting, and my headache goes from ignorable to raging for no apparent reason, so I’m going with it, not much else I can do.

Sewing is always a good distraction ! Bought a friend’s pattern set last night, and it’s really cute, and so inexpensive – it’s here, btw – and I can’t wait to use it…but she uses a 1/8” seam allowance and hem, and that’s just too small for my clumsy hands. I’m gonna pretty much have to redraft the whole thing later today. Hope that doesn’t ruin the fit, but I just can’t deal with seam allowances that small. Hems, just barely, but that scant an allowance often leads to fraying and popped seams. I’d rather have my usual quarter-inch, and trim it later.

Wanted some new colors besides scrap fabric from the crap box, and I’m beyond bored with blacks and greys. They’re classics, and always look elegant, but there’s times ya just wanna sew all Pinkie Pie, and use wild colors and/or crazy prints. In order to dig through the prints box under the Arena, I’d finally have to box up all the dolls under there, so that got done first. Pulled out a pretty purple with white polka dots piece, and the cat-embroidered kids’ jeans remnants next to them. The purple was bright enough to suit my mood, and I’d been wanting that denim as well.

Figured I’d test out the slight alterations I’d made to that one-shoulder NG Creations dress, and wondered if I made it out of non-stretch cotton, if it’d fit Howleen. So I did it. Ironically, I had to take half-seams for it to fit at all – yup, I sewed 1/8” side seams today anyway – and when it was done, it was just a bit too big for Howleen. Fit the standard ghoul body better, with just a slight side-seam tuck to keep the top from gapping. Added some vintage giant-size white rick-rack to the hem, and it was done. Modest enough to suit me, pretty enough to use again. While several ghouls are overdue for new apparel, it looked pretty good on Catrine, so she got it. Yaay ! I think I finally got it right !

Started re-drafting the new pattern anyway. Yeah, I might be able to sew 1/8” seams, but I don’t really like to ! We’ll see how it comes out soon. 

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