Friday, May 24, 2013

Cupid sends you her love... but not the shoes she just bought !

Current Mood : Sleepy and stuffed ! 

Big dinner tonight. Meatloaf and roasted potatoes with baked beans. Sure, the oven does most of the work, but there’s quite a bit of prep work first ! Even though it’s kind of hot for such a feast, I was figuring there’d be leftovers for the weekend, then I’d pop the last ham into the oven Sunday. That, and the rest of the pantry stores, will easily take us to the first of the month and the next paycheck, and we’ll be fine for a while. I love it when everything works out.

I’d planned on calling our local TRU, see if the Headless Headmistress had made it to store shelves in yesterday’s delivery truck – I’ve been hearing reports of them available nearly everywhere. But I didn’t, because I got a ‘your order’s being processed for shipping’ notice this morning ! Yaaay ! Hasn’t shipped yet, but it’s showing ‘in stock’ and that mine should be here around month’s end. Hope I get a good one ! I figure it won’t ship ‘til Monday, and she’ll arrive here Wednesday or Thursday, that’s how it usually goes. Our store is showing out of stock, but the one in CapitalCity has a few. (snort) By the time I got Beloved Hubby to drive me up there, my mail order will already be here, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry him or anyone about it.

That’s good, because Beloved already has enough going on. We’re getting pressure from family to move, and neither of us think it’s a good idea right now. But the pushing continues, and I’m losing patience with the ‘pushers’. Be glad to help *them* move, if it’s the best for them and what they want, but if I’m gonna respect their decisions, they need to respect ours, too. Truth be told, we may end up there, if opportunity presents itself, but I really resent everyone leaning on Beloved. That’s my job, you guys !

So, in frustration, I sewed. Whipped out ‘Square Neck Dress’ from NG Creations’ Pattern Set #4, again using woven cotton instead of the stretch fabric the directions call for, since it was a test. Came out pretty well, even in the crappy green stuff, and I didn't even go thin on the seam allowances, I used the full quarter-inch. Fit is good, although it pulls a bit at the hips and the neckline is a bit too large – ya get a choice of the sleeves falling off her shoulders or the chest gapping open, not lying flat as it should. I can alter that fairly easily, and now that I know how easily it sews, I’ll definitely sew it up again ! It may be hard to see in the photo, but there’s a seam right down the middle, so you can mix and match prints and colors any way ya like ! I just went ‘boring’ ‘cause it was a trial version. It amused me a bit to run four lines of stitches down the front, super-easy and unusual for me, but it’d be so fun to add some of that rick-rack or other trim I have on that seam, or different thread colors.

Have no idea what I’m gonna sew tomorrow, though…

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