Thursday, May 30, 2013

MH replacements ? I can't even work up a real care right now...

Current Mood : At a loss. 

So annoyed. Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and Nightmare are in the same state as me, finally – less than 50 miles away, to be precise. But UPS says it’ll still be Saturday before they get to me. I know I’m being petty in a whining fashion. Should be ashamed of this particular First World Problem. And I really should appreciate a long wait, since I don’t want anything from the Music Festival or 13 Wishes lines, and it’ll be a while before the Heath and Abbey Classroom sets hit here, so delays are actually a good thing…but sheesh, I just want my dolls already !

Perhaps Mattel wants me to examine Ever After High, another line of proprietary dolls / environs they own that’s been on the teaser burner for the last few months. You can find out more with videos and such at, but the gist is, MH with fairytale princesses’  and other characters’ children (mostly daughters) going to some type of Winx-like school.  According to sources, the male dolls in the line wear Jackson’s shoes, and prototype female footwear has been seen in the company of MH shoes – yup, same size. It’s rumored that EAH will have the same doll bodies, just ‘human’ skin tones, but no one’s seen an actual prototype doll yet. MH fans seem kind of split down the middle between ‘OMG!!1!!’ and “Meh”, with a scattering of, ‘No – no more blasted toy lines to collect…PLEASE !’.

I’m curious about EAH, but not enough to really examine it thoroughly, because if anyone doesn’t need another doll line to collect, it’s me. Much as I love fairy tales and dolls, I don’t need more plastic representations of mermaids and magicked stepdaughters standing on shelves. I hate to admit it, but the breathless passion, the pure obsession I had waiting for MH just isn’t here. It may simply be I’m too old to have that kind of anticipation repeatedly triggered. Or I’ve given away / sold so many dolls in the past few years that now, I shy away from obtaining more. I’ve enjoyed seeing that excitement in other fans, but it’s just not ‘there’ for me this time.

Frankly, if MH ended tomorrow, I’d be vaguely upset I never got an official Slow-Moe, ‘cause Mattel just trade-marked a slightly different name version, but that’d be about the extent of my emotional state over it. I have all the dolls I want – or (grin) will have on Saturday and in a few weeks – and can make whatever clothes or costumes I want for what I already have. I sort of already have my own Slow-Moe, too. Goss knows I got plenty of shoes for them ! (grin) 


  1. You and I are in the same boat. I like the concept behind EAH, but am kind of over the collecting craziness. (although part of me still wants the Heath & Abbey 2 pack) I don't see myself collecting any of the EAH girls...but that might change. Might grab a gal and guy to use as models. *shrugs* Yep pretty darned indifferent here too!

  2. I watched the two videos they have up. Interestingly enough, the two videos are the *same* story, just told from a different perspective. I do like the art style, but don't feel compelled to start counting down in anticipation for the toys yet. I like the idea of a wider net for scrounging up MH-compatible clothes/shoes, though!