Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pre-orders with TRU are a pain...

Current Mood : Barely stirring. 

Got the welcome news that TRU shipped my Headless Headmistress set this afternoon. I was hoping to have it in hand by month’s end, but UPS sez it’ll be the first of June. Ah, well, it’s just a day later. According to the site, our local store is still sold out, but the CapitalCity one has a few in stock. They didn’t yesterday, so if you suddenly want one – especially after the 50 or so photos I’ll end up taking once they arrive – there’ll be plenty to go around. I’m actually less sure about obtaining the Heath/Abbey and Scarah Screams dolls. Luckily, I don’t want any of the 13 Wishes  line. Those are, btw, available for pre-order at TRU, if you like…I wouldn’t, they’re not exclusives, and we all know how TRU gouges. If HH had been available at Target and Mal-Wart, I wouldn’t have pre-ordered, that’s fer sure.

We lazed around all day yesterday, only stirring ourselves enough to pick up pizza for dinner, and get the video game Dearest Son saved up for – Lego Harry Potter 1-4. So I cooked the ham today for supper and snacks…and it was heavenly. Looking forward to a ham on rye midnight snack tonight, too. I tell ya, no one bakes a fully-cooked ham like I do !

It was kind of difficult to overcome that level of lazy today, but I sort of did. The Arena, however, was so cluttered with patterns and fabric scraps and tools that I couldn’t move much. The MH tin box couldn’t hold them all, and while it was tempting to buy another cool book-shaped box, there’s no telling when I’ll get to Michael’s again. Plus, I got this nice rolling cabinet with these perfect narrow drawers…all I’d have to do was clean out one, and I’d have perfect pattern storage !

It took a while to relocate everything, but I ended up cleaning out the cubby cart, too, something I’d been meaning to do for weeks. Now, both my carts are tidy and so is the Arena. Once I get off my butt, I can sew up a storm ! 

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