Thursday, May 23, 2013

(sigh) I made a tube blouse...where's my hair shirt ?

Current Mood : Kinda bleh. 

Kind of a ‘blah’ day again, but at least I got to sew ! Decided to stitch up a pair of ‘cat’ jeans, from the kids’ pair I got from a local thrift a while back. I’ve already made a me-size purse and several other doll outfits from it, but there’s still a whole leg left, and a ton of bits and pieces. Cleo’s jeans came from the best of the bits, cut carefully to give her as many cats as possible. As you can guess, with pre-embroidered fabric, there weren’t that many to begin with ! Didn’t get any of the pink cats, either, but the white ones really stand out and look great here.

Her blouse is just a bit of already-gathered gold trim I got from Hobby Lobby, on sale, Fray-checked and Velcro’d ™ in the back, and tucked up into a second hem – it already came with one – to get it the right length at her waist. After all, I wiggled hard to get that kitty at her waist, I didn’t want the shirt to hide most of it ! She’s the last of my ‘signature’ dolls (first releases) to finally get out of a Fearleader uniform and into something brand-new. Well, as ‘new’ as something made from recycled fabric can be ! I rather like how she looks so casual, yet so kitty-chic !

But I tell ya, I’ve gotten so I hate tube-clothes ! I really prefer some sort of sleeve or strap, ‘cause I know how too-easy tubes are…and how often they show up in auctions and sales pages for doll clothes ! 

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