Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Once you have a good LBD, how about a nice LGD ?

Current Mood : Mildly ill. 

Heck of a 24 hours. Yesterday, I was worried about our internet service, today I’m worried about NearbyCity, which has suffered devastating, heartbreaking damage and loss due to what will probably prove to be the biggest, most fierce tornado ever to brutalize the state. DMIL & FIL live in NearbyCity, luckily they missed that swath, but I’ve driven those streets, shopped those stores, slept in the city limits, and remote as I am, I mourn.

Our service came back up way late last night – I only knew because Beloved Hubby’s phone chimed an ‘I got a message for you !’ alert – so I smacked up yesterday’s already-written entry and photo without changing them. I had no idea how bad it was elsewhere, and went to sleep with a weather-type headache, hoping that’d go away in the night.

Not feeling much better today, it just migrated to my over-active stomach. Ever have an ‘afraid to eat’ day ? One of those. So I pulled up yesterday’s NG Creations pattern, the one I used for Abbey’s Little Black Dress, and studied it for a few minutes. Turns out, it’s made for stretchy fabric, but the stuff I used 1) had the stretch going north-south when it needed to go east-west, and 2) didn’t have sufficient stretch – two inches of the black/silver fabric only pulled about two and three-quarters inches, when it needed to go at least three. Ah, well. Decided to try it again, using the silver side, and orienting it correctly.

Went pretty well, and the fit is much improved. It’s still a bit low to me, so I may tweak it. It’s super-tight at the hips as well, the dolls’ joint outline can be seen if she’s not wearing the sash. The sash is just the selvage cut off, folded and sewn with Velcro ™ at the ends, but I think it sets off Spectra’s dress very nicely. I kind of think of it as her ‘Stormfront’ dress, since it was darker at 2pm today than it was at 7am. Yup. More bad weather ahead.

I think I’m gonna go have a nice lie-down…

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