Sunday, May 26, 2013

MH's 'tiger in the tank', Hutch !

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Not much going on today – since I had the fabric out, I thought I’d make up a bit of a drama story by using it on a guy’s shirt, then having both characters attend the Wolf family BBQ tomorrow. Since Christopher Hutchinson (aka ‘Hutch’) hasn’t had any camera time in a long while, he got it. He’s the Create A Monster ‘Puma’ set I spray-painted last year. Paint’s still not a perfect match, but the altered bits don’t stand out nearly as much as the pink original pieces did.

Re-thinking my display area, especially with Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and her horse on the way. Yeah, it won’ t get shipped ‘til Tuesday at the earliest, but at least I’ll have mine around the first of the month. I’m really looking forward to making clothes for her ! From the reviews and photos of other owners I’ve seen, she has the exact same body as Nefera, so if I can sew for HH, I can for her, too.

With that on my puny mind, I’m thinking of selling my creations again. Giving major consideration to Etsy or just message boards. I’ve learned I can make something every day – long as I keep it simple – and that my quality of work has improved, so I can offer something I’m proud to sell pretty inexpensively. But since there’s thousands of awesome folks selling better clothes than I can make already, I figured I’d go more for a niche, like Nefera and HH sizes, or guy clothes. Neither of them is really a niche, either, but I’m looking at it as a challenge, so it’s more fun for me ! Fact is, my 2011 SDCC Sack o’ Monster High Doll Clothes ™ is nearly full, and at least half of it is my own stuff. It needs to go elsewhere ! Plus, a few extra bux wouldn’t go amiss. More when it happens !

Hrf. And I didn’t think there was much going on today, either…

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