Friday, June 1, 2012

And then it kinda got a little worse, but it wasn’t too bad

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Anybody with a brain who has ever been in a relationship could tell this was coming. And it’s come and gone, and while peace hasn’t shown up yet, at least it’s over with. Beloved Hubby and I had a huge fight today over how we each saw this ridiculous situation that has roosted to rule our lives. We each had our say, and we each had valid points of discussion, and while all our words combined change nothing – although the situation itself has changed again – I’m glad we got it said and done.

When MIL said just yesterday evening she wanted her own apartment and her own Checking account, I nearly danced for joy. This is the dynamic, ‘let’s go !’ woman I’ve missed for years ! I’d love having her just down the breezeway, and I think she’d be happiest in a fresh new space. Unfortunately, FIL’s been working on her long-distance. Text messaging is the work of the debbil. Anyway. Once she told him what she wants, rather than encourage her, FIL changed his plans. He now plans to return on June 10th, ‘to fix everything’. We’ve gotten several messages accusing us of bothering and worrying MIL when everything is under FIL’s control, we’re just being fearmongers and interfering with a married couple. Takes a special set of huevos to claim that it’s all fine when their account is now over $900. in the red, but that’s FIL for ya.

Oh, and the significance of the 10th is that it’s just after their SocSec deposits hit their account. While the bank will take most of that to cover the mess he’s made, he can either allow the mortgage withdrawal to go through (which will take the rest of it) or write a check to pay for the bus ticket (which will be good for maybe one day, since he has two payday loans that’ll crunch through what little may remain in the account on the 11th and again on the 19th , putting them firmly back in negative status for at least another month). Place your bets on which he’ll choose – the mortgage or the bus ticket.

This puts us in a bad position, since we weren’t due to move ‘til the 20th. FIL is in another state, and our mutual rancor can be seen from low Earth orbit. I am honestly afraid of what’ll happen when we’re all in the same space again. Watch the fun when FIL gets off the bus in ten days hoppin’ mad, expects us to drive him home from the terminal, then throws us out on the street. Or renders life miserable until we’re outta here.

There is a slight chance that might not happen. But a far greater chance exists that it will. So we have to prepare for it, just in case. Neither of us expect MIL’s new independence to survive once he’s back, so aside from protecting her, we can’t do much. There is no way on this world we are getting added to their Checking account or becoming their designated payee. It’s another disaster waiting to happen and we just can’t do it. According to their bank, though, that’s all we can do without MIL coming in and taking care of business. And until that’s done, as co-owner of the account, she can be arrested for all these bad checks if they can’t find FIL. She knows this now, and says she’s going to go to the bank in the next few days. I sure hope so. I’m hoping like anything she continues to find her wings.

However, that still leaves us with no money – spent it on cutoff utility bills, and FIL’s early return doesn’t mean we’ll ever see that money back - and a move coming up. Possibly earlier than we’d expected. So we listed Starlight for sale. I’ll miss her and the independence that came with her, but frankly, I haven’t had the cash for much independence ! And our future is worth a thousand used cars. Hope she sells for a lot !

Meanwhile, Beloved’s brother, BIL, is criticizing Beloved for bothering their parents with stupid things like finances. Not to his face, but on FaceBook. (sigh) Um, this is the same guy who fled for the Eastern Seaboard because FIL was running the same ‘OMG, OMG, cutoff notice you need to pay !!1!’ game on him. I’m sure he’s also upset we haven’t sent him money like FIL’s been doing. It’s official – I hate people.

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