Friday, June 15, 2012

Chains, chains, chains...

Current Mood : Catching up

Gotta do this before I forget – Deborah ! Need your address, so I can send your dolls and stands to you before they get packed up and stored somewhere. Any ideas how I can get that info from you safely ? Can send you my gmail address if that’ll help, or Flickr mail, or LiveJournal private message, whatever works. Heck, I could probably send you a note via eBay ! I’ve put aside Toralei’s diary for ya, and Sweet Fang’s wonderin’ what the holdup is. Sorry it’s taken so long !  

Beloved Hubby noticed his new pillowcases right away, and the cleaned-out Venus-Diesel’s truck bed that morning. Didn’t hafta tell him anything. He’s not missing any tools or supplies, so we did it right. It helps to know that he’s not the kinda guy to store or carry anything of any value  in trash bags. He was impressed and happy, so I didn’t feel too badly that we didn’t have much more to offer for his birthday. Besides, he’s talking about getting a new AirSoft gun, and there’s no way I could afford that ! It’ll be a few months down the road at best, but I think he enjoys the shopping and researching more than the owning.

I’m also glad he’s getting back into AirSoft. He plays with a fine, good buncha guys who have missed my Beloved, and I know he’s missed their camaraderie, as well. I think I can spare my man every other Sunday…

Not a lot goin’ on for a Friday. Swapped out some lamps, more out of curiosity than anything else. My much-loved Eiffel Tower lamp (a Target specialty, don’cha know) was just too big for my nightstand, it looks much better displayed on the cubby we use for clothes. The little red desk lamp I got from Salvation Army Monday works much better in the smaller space. So that was a good use of a buck-fifty. Beloved claimed the silver bullet clamp lamp for his art desk, as predicted. After all this move mess, I fully intend to make good use of the white one I got for the mini photo studio.

Shoot. Now I kinda want to go back to SArmy, see if there’s any other good deals I can use…

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  1. Hey girl, I sent you a message via Flickr! :-)
    Lagoona is totally rockin' Spectra's outfit!!!