Sunday, June 3, 2012

At least there's one thing Wii *can* fix...

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So. We got another ‘bad check’ card from the IL’s bank late yesterday afternoon, along with a letter informing them of their extended negative balance, and that it needs to be corrected. No warnings of dire consequences, just a friendly advisement in case the ten ‘bad check’ cards hadn’t arrived. MIL knows, and FIL was advised of the last card that arrived Tuesday, so…

I don’t wanna think about it anymore. Yesterday was a nice day, the MH book notwithstanding,  and we finally got some good news – our tax return is on the way ! Starlight hasn’t sold yet – we asked for $500. under  the ‘poor’ condition value in the online Blue Book, although she’s not in bad shape at all, just to be fair. Yet people still tried to get us to sell her for ridiculously little money for any functioning, well-running vehicle, much less a nice one like Starlight. So we decided to keep her and I’m bonus happy. May need to keep a store of happy while we can, since these nice days can’t last, ya know ?

Forgot to turn in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, so we got to keep it for another night. Too bad it started that ‘won’t load’ junk again. When we listened carefully to the Wii, we could hear the difference when it loaded another game disc and didn’t even spin CoD. It even came out oriented the same way it went in. Why was it doing that ? Any fix to it ? And was it worth sending in a five year old (if not older) game system for repairs ? Even the brand new black version was only $150. at many retail outlets, too bad we didn’t have $150. for one…

Beloved Hubby decided to take matters into his own hands. I cleared off the table and he got his tools. Ten minutes later, I’d been sent for rubbing alcohol, tweezers, my needle-nose pliers and scissor-clamps, cotton swabs, and his soda, and was a bit winded ! But he got it open, and after blowing out more dust with a can of air, still didn’t see much wrong with it. He swabbed the laser eye with rubbing alcohol and put it back together. I bet him the Create A Monster set that it’d work.

And it did ! Loaded that CoD like a device renewed on the first try. Whoo-hoo ! Ain’t he amazing ?!

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  1. I'm so sorry you are going through such a hard time. Hang in there and just keep in mind the bad times don't last forever. Things will sort themselves out. And your FIL is a little weasel. Karma is going to pay him a visit one day. Just saying.