Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laundry blues...

Current Mood : Completely exhausted.

Hopped on the laundry bright and early today, which was good – I did eight loads and I’m still not finished. I found that Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son are both part Easter Bunny. They like to hide clothes instead of eggs. I harvested two loads alone out of the Study. Thank Everything Beloved favors orange shirts and Dearest likes bright colors, or I wouldn’t have found half of ‘em.

Had to play the ‘home version’ of Laundry Day, since we pretty much have to save as much money as possible. Ugh, I hate the garage. There can be a three-month summer drought, and it’ll still be humid and wet in there somehow. Couldn’t have gone to the Laundromat anyway, since Starlight’s battery is dead. It just wasn’t my day.

But I got it all done, washed, dried, and put away, with just two or three loads left for tomorrow. Also cooked three meals, cleaned up the Study, got Dearest into the shower, stored the heavy quilt, took out trash, did some dishes, and explained to Beloved why I was so tired without throwing anything at him. I think I was simply too exhausted. I wondered what happened to the guy who used to insist I have a lie-down after a phonecall…

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