Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goodbye, Arena !

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We got our first new mail at our apartment – the goodies I ordered from Lori (tanz_fanatika) last week. If only I wasn’t too dizzy and exhausted to enjoy them ! Bustin’ butt at the IL’s house yesterday really took it out of me. I woke up at 2:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I puttered online for a bit and was soon yawning. Shambled back to bed, and the next thing I knew, Beloved Hubby was hanging a wall shelf for our TV, and it was 8:30am. Have I mentioned yet that I love that air mattress ? And my Beloved ? (happy sigh)

Finished unpacking yesterday’s boxes and got the empties into Venus-Diesel when his phone went off. His AirSoft friend had the last of his boxes ready for us, so we stopped for those on the way. While I taped the boxes back together and packed ‘em full, Beloved found that Dearest Son, when directed well, can do a fair bit of carrying and loading ! We soon had three of the bookcases emptied and loaded – after going back and forth about it. MIL said we could have any of them we wanted, but we’d decided to just buy our own, hoping to avoid any issues with FIL…until we found out we’d have to shell for another hundred-plus water bill next week, or it’d be cut off. (sigh) Ultimately, we decided to take ‘em, and use the ‘bookcase money’ to pay the water bill, so we packed ‘em into Venus’s truck bed today. Along with Beloved’s desk, my fabric, my books, and a big load of this-and-that. We all worked hard, and were pretty tired at the end of the first run.

A quick lunch revived us all, and we were back at it. Had the second load ready to go when the guys called – soon as we said ‘come on !’, they’d be there, to do whatever needed doing. Since this load wasn’t very heavy, we dropped it off ourselves and met them at the IL’s for one more load. Which took maybe a half-hour, and it was the *heavy* stuff. They even took a load in their van, which was so sweet. They wouldn’t even let us buy them sodas, they just wanted their friend back in the games. If I have anything to say about what Beloved does, he’ll be there tomorrow, fer double sure !

Soon, all the ‘house’ stuff was gone. We had it all at our new place. Dear Heavens, we have a ton of crap. But it’s our crap, and I can’t wait to unpack and sort it all. I’m kinda hoping Beloved does go to the AirSoft field tomorrow, I want the time to putter. Both of my sewing machines, KJ and Brody, are here safely, along with everything but the Arena itself.

Yes, today I said ‘goodbye’ to the Arena. I bought it used and badly painted off Craigslist for $50., and it’s falling apart three moves and four or five years later. The cracking, flaking paint annoyed me, especially where it peeled off in sheets and bubbles for no visible reason. Even top-grade pressed plywood can’t take being pulled apart and put back together every year for very long. And that poor thing was not top-grade shelving. Thanks to Beloved’s curbside-shopping luck, I already have a nice, big desk, large enough for both sewing machines and my laptop, and Beloved’s building me cubbies and shelves. So I’m pretty happy to go to a regular, flat rectangle. That isn’t peeling paint.

About all that’s left is some tools in the garage and stored stuff in the backyard shed, mostly more books. Beloved says he’ll pick that up later this week, while he’s checking on DMIL after work. We made sure she’s got clean dishes and plenty of the foods she specified, as well as dog and cat chow. I asked her again if she felt lonely, she could still move in with us, but she says she has to wait just a little bit longer to decide. I hope she does what’s right for her, and not…well, I should shut up about that now.

For now, the last load is at least inside, if not unpacked, and it’s late. We picked up $3. Mal-Wart deli-prepared salads for dinner and I’m just gonna unwind with my Cobb for the rest of the evening. Starlight is right outside, ready for whatever I decide to do tomorrow, and now that Dearest has his hard-won recliner in his room, he’s game for nearly anything, too. Long as I keep my promise to take him to the Flea Market next Friday, that is. Beloved’s got the one thing he said he wanted today, time to work on his AirSoft weaponry, and he’s happily busy, having once again stolen my sewing machine oil.

I think I’m going to be very happy here. 

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