Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stormy letters...

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Current Image Notes : Stationery set ! Click to embiggen !

Major storm this morning gave us a brownout – and knocked MIL’s computer out. Beloved Hubby was home due to the rain, and so we ended up heading for Best Buy to get a new video card. At least we had a bit of cash to spare when it happened !

In one week, we move. Ordinarily, I’d be in a frenzy of boxing our stuff up, making endless lists, and planning. But Beloved has things scheduled differently – since we don’t have to be out on a specific day, we can take our time and fit the move around our days, instead of the other way around. If I know my guy like I think I do, we’ll still be spending our first night there within two or three days, probably by next weekend, at the latest. I’ll be glad to leave the crappy wiring and brownouts behind, that’s fer sure.

We have no idea what FIL or MIL’s plans are. It’s entirely up to them what they do. We can let them know what we can offer, which I can assure you is nothing financial, but after that, we’re out of it. I already know we’re gonna get blamed for everything that went wrong about FIL’s little excursion right down to bus tires going flat, so staying out of it unless we’re called is our best defense. Just sad that it has to be this way.

Rain meant Beloved was home, so we went out a bit. Still no CAM sets, but I snagged instead this neat little $5. stationery set at Mal-Wart. Tomorrow, I’ll show you what the stickers look like. I got a sheet of stickers, two erasers, a pencil and sharpener, a hardback journal and softback notepad. What’s odd about it is that there’s an inexpensive zipper case, a little thicker than a sandwich baggie, that’s plain and clear. And not listed on the contents card. But hanging from one corner is a short bead chain with a tiny plastic puffy ‘Skullie’ logo threaded on it, which is so cute. It’ll probably become a purse for one of my ghouls. The paper inside the hardback diary is simple school-rule black lined stuff, and the smaller notepad is just plain white paper. But I like them ! Next time, maybe I’ll score the other set, which had small pens, a fridge frame, and ‘hall pass’ cards. I want to see those !

For fun, even though I’m not fond of the ‘drip’ motif, I took the cardboard ‘drippy heart’ card that described what was in the stationery set (mostly) and cut out the text and all the inside pink, except for the drops. I’ll probably glue fabric to a magnet sheet – I’ve been reserving an old giveaway Pizza Hut school sports schedule for something like this – then glue the drippy heart to the fabric-ed magnet, leaving it open at the top. Fridge frame ! Or a fun way to show off some funky fabric, either way. Lotsa craft fun for free !

Today I learned that there is a vast difference between Kosher dill pickles and ‘sour pickles’. Sour pickles are much cheaper because they’re awful. Even regular dill pickles taste gourmet next to whatever constitutes a sour pickle. See if we ever buy those again. Yuck.

While Beloved had a nap – neither of us have slept well this week – I decided to finish a long-delayed project. Couple weeks (maybe months) back, I bought a Spectra outfit, shoes and all, really cheap. Since I’d just bought Skull Shores Lagoona a few days (maybe weeks) prior, she got to try it on. I liked how it looked on her, but that belt was missing something…Kept meaning to dig in the jewelry finding box to upgrade it, but never did. Today, it’s done, and I was lucky to have enough for what I envisioned on hand. Without spending 50c at a vending machine for a tacky pendant, which was gonna be my next move, if I didn’t have enough already. You get to see that Friday, when she’s ready for Ghouls Night Out !

(sigh) I feel much better when I get to post photos…Blog is too blah without ‘em !

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