Friday, June 8, 2012

All else fails, rearrange your space !

Current Mood : Plotting. And plodding. 

Today, I was in a dangerous state. I couldn't concentrate enough to sew, was tired of reading, all our DVDs bored me, and part of me was waiting for yet another bit of doom to come rolling down the hill straight at us. So when that didn’t happen, I was as restless as a caged squirrel.

My thoughts, sparse and rare as they are, focused on the move. Can’t really pack yet, but I envisioned and imagined. And realized that now would be a great time to try some new arrangements to my immediate area – the Arena and adjoining bookcase. It may seem silly to move my stuff around two weeks before we gotta pack it all up and move it anyway, but I saw it as a good chance to try some new views and see what would work before I was more-or-less locked in to one setup or another.

One thing I knew – our new space would take a lot of living in not much surface area. And we aren’t even sure which of the three apartment layouts we have ! Won’t know til the first day of the move. But I also knew that, while he doesn’t complain, Beloved Hubby would like one doll-free room, preferably the bedroom. Hard to study or create with all those eyes lookin’ at ya when they’re not your dolls. So, what if I moved everything off the top shelves of the Arena ? The fabric storage dollhouse, the printer we only save because of the scanner, and the thread boxes could easily be relocated…would all my dolls fit there ? Elphie and Fiyero are already nearby…

And a couple hours later, I was far more tired than restless. One idea led to another, and they all kept me hopping. I decided to eliminate the dollhouse when I found tons of fabric in it that I’d forgotten about and couldn’t see – and then I had to go through it all and let some go. But don’t worry – I kept most of it, and Dearest Son claimed the house. He’s always loved it. With that shelf emptied, I moved all the ‘big dolls’ on it – Timey Tell, Hi Dottie, Chatty Cathy (the 70s one, not the 50s classic), Rainbow Brite, Princess Dorrie and Prince Beloved now hold court and make me smile.

The printer will probably go into the hall closet until it’s needed, so it’s out of the way for now. So many possibilities open up when you’re on a laptop. The three vintage thread boxes are on top of the embroidery Madeira thread treasure chest, which is the best place for them – all my thread’s together now.

Moving the big dolls opened up a big shelf in my bookcase – MIL gave us each one, and they’re definitely going with us, so I decided then to make the photography studio a bit taller and give the Barbie-size dolls more space, too. Only one problem – the photo studio shelf isn’t adjustable. I guess it’s load-bearing or something. Only way to make it taller is to raise the shelf above it. So I moved books around and did that. Then I moved dolls and lowered the Barbie shelf three pegs. Now they can stand instead of sit in each other’s laps, and I can see them much better. Give me a day or two, and I’ll have it looking like a cocktail party over there. And I still have a shelf to fill up !

But first…I moved all the MH dolls to the two blank Arena shelves. Ahhh, much better. I felt so wealthy, seeing them all in one place. Boosted the lockers up a bit with a piece of a 2x4 from one of Beloved’s projects – I hope to paint it black, or cover it with black fabric soon – and got everyone arranged. If I did something with the boxes some of the ghouls are sitting on, and put a fake ‘grass’ carpet under them, one of the shelves would look like a park. Even my lamp looks like an oversized one in a courtyard.

Still, those shelves are a bit crowded. It’s a good thing I want so few new dolls !

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