Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change is gonna do me good...

Current Mood : Sharp & Bitter

I gotta quit already with the cookbooks. They’re starting to tick me off. One got me to read the recipe by saying it was a unique snack, better than what was bagged at convenience stores. With a name like ‘Cheesy Corn Snack’, I thought it was something like Corn Nuts. Nope. Popcorn. Just plain, stovetop popcorn, with Parmesan cheese. No new technique, nothing new in the ‘recipe’. (sigh) Guess there should have been no surprise when the same author offered the stellar new advice of packing and freezing cooked meats in meal-size bags, just enough to heat and serve. Too bad I’ve been doing that since 1984, when I’d never read a cookbook, and was cooking for just me…

And actually, with all the leftovers for lunch, I haven’t had much time to experiment with any of the recipes I’ve snagged. I like to give new ones a lunch trial, to see if they and I can work together. Instead, I’ve been eating the leftovers before they go south. Don’t wanna leave festering food in the IL’s fridge when we go. Besides, our leftovers are darn *good* eating !

Finally got the bank information faxed to SocSec. Our bank tried yesterday, after we filled out the paperwork, but the line was constantly busy. Then the nice young lady who was trying to get it through went home, and didn’t leave a message about it either way. Turns out it got through yesterday. Left a message for my case worker, Mrs. S., that it should be there already, please let me know if she doesn’t get it. Glad that’s done with. I’m just gonna mail our change-of-address form.

Now, it’s all about Beloved’s birthday and the move ! There’s talk of us sleeping there on the 20th – glad to see him getting excited about it. Since we have to be snug about what little cash we have, I made him the new pillowcases he needed, and Dearest Son and I executed a little raid last night. Beloved’s been putting off cleaning out Venus-Diesel’s truck bed, even though we’ll certainly need it next week. So, Dearest and I did it for him ! There was some trash from Dearest’s Garpartment move that we finally ditched, and some work garbage. Heck, last week we had an entire pick-up trash can empty – ya don’t buy much, ya don’t throw much away – so why not ? And it still all fit in one can, with room to spare. Since it won’t get picked up ‘til Tuesday, there’s recovery time if we tossed anything important. Let’s see how long it is ‘til we notices…I’ll tell him tonight, though, just in case.

Still having some sleep issues. Now I keep having little ‘flashback’ panic attacks right before I fall asleep. (sigh) That’s me, all right – send me to a sleep clinic, I leave with night paranoia on top of the complaints I already had before. Ah, well. Maybe our upcoming change of residency (and being much closer to FormerCity’s awesome shopping arenas and TRU again) will do me good. 

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