Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sleepin' in a bounce house tonight !

Current Mood : Happy !

Current Image Notes : I think this kitty's gonna try out for Casketball !

The original plan for the rest of the week was that Dearest Son and I would go to the ILs house and pack boxes ‘til we passed out, while Beloved Hubby was at work. Then we’d have lunch and a short break, and pack some more. That’d leave Friday free, so we could go up to the Fairgrounds Flea Market, poke around and have some fun.

Luckily, there’s a Flea Market every weekend of June, because late last night, I had a massive asthma attack. It’s been so long since the last one, I didn’t even catch the early warning signals. I just thought I was over-tired and needed to lie down. Only problem is, lying down makes it harder to breathe, not easier. And, of course, my inhaler was right where I left it, at my old bedside. So, we made a rather scary ‘midnight run’ back to the IL’s house and grabbed it.

All this troubled Beloved, so we decided to take an easy day, move another load this morning, take our time getting it placed, and make a quick trip to our old Mal-Wart. He’d put in a half-day after lunch. The fleas are getting bad at the old place, but MIL doesn’t want us to spray, so we’re writing the beds off as a loss. They were old anyway, and needed to be replaced in the next year or two, so it may as well be now. We have some funds put aside, so, round about next month, new beds ! For now, though, as we learned last night, those floors, even with pallets and blankets and slumber bags, are just too hard to get much rest on. Beloved kept making ‘Princess and the Pea’ jokes when I whined about it.

So we got two air mattresses, and they’re pretty nice ! Once you get past the ‘I’m sleeping in a bounce-house’ sensation (and I actually like that feeling !), they’re quite comfy. The nice cashier who checked us out probably thinks we didn’t want to move our beds in the pouring rain, so we were pigging it with the new purchases, but we’ll be sleeping on ‘em for as long as they last, or until we get the funds for standard ones. I’ll be glad to tell ya’ll that we bought the Intex ‘Classic Downy’ line, a Queen for us and a Full for Dearest Son, since those are our usual sizes. May as well stake out the correct space in the rooms ! We also scored a plug-in air pump. Originally, we bought a slightly upgraded bed that came with a battery powered pump, but that thing needed six ‘C’ batteries ! It was cheaper to get the standard bed and the wall-socket one. They worked beautifully together, and we’ve only needed to add a bit of air to each after the initial inflation. And that was mostly to our personal specs, not ‘cause the beds lost any. Beloved likes a firm surface on a bed, and if I get tired enough, I can sleep on nearly anything that’s mostly horizontal.

While we were there, of course, I wandered over to the Monster High shelves. Still no school playset, but they had one Puma-boy Create A Monster set for ten bucks, so I snagged it. For some reason, we found a few Pirates of the Caribbean Lego sets in the Clearance aisle, and while Dearest is about coming to the end of his money, he decided to snag the ‘Cannibal Escape’ set for twenny bucks. It’s pretty cool, and comes with the weird-face-paint Jack Sparrow and that round ‘swinging bone cage’, and a fire-pit and spit to roast any Han Solo minifigs you have underfoot. You may be on your own for Ewoks.

We got Brawley, the Black Molly fish, moved, and while swimming fast with all his fins up like that is a sure sign of distress, he certainly is beautiful. I didn’t even know his top fin fanned out so far, and that his tail has tiny ‘freckles’ of gold and green in it.

Well, tomorrow’s another big moving day ! No flea market, but since my breathing seems to be mostly stable, we’re gonna do the big packing thing. Not especially looking forward to it, it’s gonna be long, hot, hard work, but it’s not fair to expect Beloved to do it all himself when I can help, if even a little. Once he heard that, Dearest was ready to throw in. Especially when I promised him ramen for lunch !


  1. Wish you guys were closer - I've got a twin bed you'd be welcome to!

  2. Glad you were able to get to your pump. Sounds like you got a goldmine of sorts with your Wallyworld. I hope the rest of your move goes smoothly