Sunday, June 24, 2012

Her name is Skelita Calaveras. I love that skirt !

Current Mood : Grateful to 'Monster High Parents' for these great photos !

I was so wiped out, I stretched out on our air mattress – now with a quilt top ! – for just a few minutes, to talk with Beloved Hubby after dinner…and woke up about 7am, to see him in all camo, ready to go play with the AirSoft guys. I was glad. He needed a break and some fun, and, well, so did I. It may sound silly, but I’d been looking forward to a day to really ‘move in’, place things, organize, make long lists, all that fun stuff. Dearest Son was still gleefully setting up his Lego village and doing his room, so he was fine with Daddy goin’ off to play, too.

And that’s what we all did. I found places for stuff, tried to set up my new space and the family spaces, organize the kitchen, empty and break down boxes…well, wait. If MIL’s gonna use ‘em, maybe I shouldn’t break ‘em down. That’s why there’s three huge, listing stacks of boxes in the kitchen, next to the stuff that’ll go in storage next month. We salvaged our old patio table as a dining room table, but we have to get chairs for it…and the dining set we really like is only $299. at Big Lots, with four chairs. Not sure if we’re gonna pick up some cheap chairs, or save up for the nice dinette. Right now, though, the table is so buried in boxes, it’s a moot point.

And all these new Monster High  dolls…whew ! I’m aware, but haven’t had much time to process. Heck, I’m still trying to locate that school playset, and I was doing that when I noticed the long-anticipated ‘Ghouls Rule’ line was in stock for shipping at TRU Friday. Many stores had ‘em in stock, too. I was indifferent to these, so ‘my’ four can go to bigger fans. It’ll be at least a week before I can visit the local TRU anyway.

Besides, I still want another guy Create A Monster set, and I’m considering the ‘Vampire and Sea Monster’ girl set, now that I can get the Sea girl complete with a blue torso. I scored the purple and blue wig from Tanz last week, and I had a Sea Monster head from a lot purchase, and they looked so good together, now I want the rest of the doll !

As far as the new dolls coming out…most of the photos I’d hoped to share with you have been taken down. If you’re a LiveJournal member, you can put in for membership at Monster-High, and they’re all there on the June 22nd entry. I’ve done some cut/paste, though, and I hope ‘Monster High Parents’ doesn’t mind – these images are from their deleted post. Big theme seems to be that the ghouls embark on a trip to Scaris (Paris), meet two more friends, an Asian Dragon girl and a Spanish Skeleton girl, and get lots of new props – a Scaris sidewalk cafĂ©, a Scaris compact car – and new clothes. Most of the dolls are pictured with two-part shoes, like GI Joe boots, which I hope is just part of the prototype stage. The seams are huge, highly visible and badly spaced.

There’s also a  new vanity for Frankie, an ice bed for Abbey, and ‘plus’ versions of Clawdeen, who howls, a ‘sparking’ Frankie, and a glowing Spectra. There’s more Create A Monster sets coming –  transparent ice and blob girls, and mummy and gorgon girls. They come with two wigs, including one of plastic hair, which is new, possibly to satisfy those who didn’t like getting just one wig before. I guess they can’t please everyone, ‘cause I still just see one pair of shoes in there !

Last but not least, new dolls of Abbey and Frankie have their own three-outfit sets. While Frankie’s clothes and shoes are all recycles of stuff she’s had before, in new fabrics, she has a solid ‘cap’ of black hair with sides of silver, and an underside of more black. Very unusual look for her. Abbey has all-new outfits with repainted shoes, and her trademark ‘northern lights’ hair. Of the two, I’d be most tempted by Abbey. They’ve already been spotted on eBay, complete with ‘TRU Exclusive’ stickers on the boxes.

Of all the new ones, I’m more interested in clothes than the dolls. Of course, this usually changes when I see them on shelves, but I really don’t need more dolls. (a cookie for everyone who’s heard that before !) I love Rochelle’s Eiffel Tower print skirt and lacy blouse, but most of the Scaris line is too…fussy for me. Too ornate. I thought the Spanish doll, with her ‘day of the dead’ face paint, huarache sandals, and ‘papel picado’ (bright paper garlands) inspired skirt was a clever way of establishing a unique cultural background for her – and that skirt is gorgeous.

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