Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The 'drama box' is one I'm not moving or packing. It's not even ours !

Current Mood : Resigned.

It’s the day before the big Moving Day. And the family drama is flowing thick and fast. (sigh) So tired of it all.

Well, here’s the deal. DMIL has refused to move in with us. She wants to stay there, all alone. I kinda figured that would happen, but it really caught Beloved Hubby flat-footed. He talked to her for over an hour, but in the end, it’s her life, and her decision. She’s still interested in moving into her own place, ‘sometime later’, as she said, but for now, it’s a no-go. Only the three of us are moving out tomorrow.

Thing is, she didn’t tell Beloved this tonight. She texted him at work, dropped the drama bomb, and refused to answer any of his return messages. He called me, half infuriated, half out of his head with worry about his Mom all alone, shortly afterward. Not a darn thing either of us could do. He had to finish what he had going, couldn’t come back early, even for this latest development. I listened to her phone’s ‘message’ chime about 50 times, and seethed. I can only assume she was returning BIL and FIL’s texts. Could hear that, too.

But, in the end, I let it go. Wasn’t doing me any good to be upset about it. We made our decision. She made hers. Beloved made it abundantly clear that she has our phone numbers to call any time she changes her mind. We’ll check on her, make sure she has what she needs, but we can’t pay the house bills and our place, too, and both she and FIL are aware of that. What they do next is up to them, we can’t decide it for them.

Still, it was very upsetting to Dearest. Although it wasn’t in the budget, we splashed out for takeout fried chicken anyway, as a sort of mood-lift. We’d planned to pack up the vehicles for an early start tomorrow, but nobody’s really into it.

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  1. If only some people came with remotes then you could hit the common sense button for them. It's like you said it's her decision. He should feel no guilt about as long as you guys check in on her.