Saturday, June 16, 2012

It must've been 'Dorrie Day' !

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Quick Note : Thanks, Deborah ! Got it, and hope to have 'em in the mail Mon. or Tues. ! 

Lookie what I got !! I was just messin’ around with my phone when I decided to check on the local Target’s web-based Monster High inventory, just for kicks. I’ve been doing that off and on, and could have told you when the two Cat and Witch Create A Monster sets sold, because the listing  went from ‘Available’ to ‘Out of Stock’. But today, it was back on ‘Available’…

Still, that could mean they have more Cat and Witch sets, they share the same stock number or something. Didn’t wanna drive all the way across town for nothin’, so I called – and they had a Gargoyle and Vampire set ! Could they hold it for me for a half-hour ? I was on my way with Dearest five minutes later. And ten minutes after that, I had it in my hands, the only Gargoyle/Vampire set they had. I was a bit concerned with the Vampire head, it seemed to have a major nose dent, but I was buying it anyway !

Dearest went nuts, though. He found a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean set he’d never seen before, and they also had the Sweet 1600 Clawdeen and DracuLaura’s car. He’s a total sucker for Barbie-size cars. I did the numbers, and between the two of us, we had just enough cash, but he’d owe me until we got back. We were carrying the goodies in when my phone rang.

SocSec needed to ask me a few more questions, and they never got the bank account information fax. So we got that taken care of. Hopefully soon, I’ll have a favorable decision, and maybe a few extra bucks to help with the move.

That’s kinda what’s on my mind right now. We’ll have barely enough for the rent we need to pay Wednesday, and a few bucks for groceries, but…well, you know what it’s like to move. You know you’ll need a new shower curtain, but you have no idea until the day if you’ll need a shower curtain rod. And can you just leave the in-tub bath mat here and get a new one, since that one’s seen the last five moves ? Or is the fundage gonna be so super-tight, that $8. will make a difference ? None of it’s very expensive, and you’re already bringing most of what anyone would need…but even Dollar Tree stuff adds up, and ya can’t find everything at DTree.

Plus, while Dearest paid for his own new toys – he very proudly repaid me as soon as we got back !  -  I just shelled out $20-something for the ones I’ve been wanting. I don’t regret doing it, but I hope that doesn’t come out of the grocery fund. Guilt city ! Maybe I’ve eaten enough leftovers to justify my guys…

Anyway, back to them…I love ‘em. The nose-nip on the Vampire head vanished as soon as I opened the box. Maybe it was just how it was seated in there, or a shadow. It’s gone now, and I can’t even tell where it was. I’m glad there were two torsos in there, I really wanted both guys, and would have hated to buy another set, although now, I kinda want to (see next paragraph).

They went together so easily, and it was fun to ‘make’ my own dolls. This must be a ‘lite’ version of how it feels to put together one of those super-expensive custom ‘buy ‘em by the piece’ Japanese dolls. (grin) If you wanted so, you really could have a doll with two left legs ! But what can I say, I’m a traditionalist, so the all-grey one is Joel Orbach (pre-law) and the pink dude is ‘Ricardo Feratu’ (pre-med, pathology specialty). If I can find another set just like this one, I’m buying it, I love the shoes and the ‘gym’ outfit, and I can always restyle hair, maybe make a speckled grey Slo-Moe. Spray paint the pink torso to use with the Puma-boy ‘refill’ kit. Give Ricardo some wings. I got some plans… hopefully I’ll soon have money !

But it can all wait, especially when stuff’s not available yet. I had an order in for the school playset via TRU, but ten minutes later, it went out of stock, and then they backordered me. So I cancelled it. Beloved Hubby encouraged me to order, but really, it was a strain on our finances we didn’t need, so I was secretly kinda happy. Now I’ll just wait ‘til it hits local shelves – and bug the poor workers every Friday ‘til they get here – and snag it then. With the move coming up, I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

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  1. I found this set a couple of weeks ago. It was the same thing it was the only one on the shelf. I kind of want the Ghost Girl pack just to steal her dress and wig :O) We'll see.

    So glad you found them :O)