Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This move's actually ? Yeah, fun !

Current Mood : Exhausted and exhilarated ! 

Well, today was the big day ! We were up early to load up both Venus-Diesel and Starlight and move on to our new home. I’d be following Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son, and we planned to leave Starlight there. She did a great job on the road, but isn’t really set up for frequent interstate driving. She’s great on local trips, though ! We grabbed a quick breakfast, since lunch already seemed far away on the horizon, and hit the road. Only got nearly forced off said road once ! Miles of space behind me, but noooo, she has to wedge in right between Venus and Starlight. (sigh)

 Picked up our keys and paid for next month (i.e., a full payment) with the understanding we’d pay the pro-rated amount on the first of July. Not exactly what they’d told us on the phone last week, but we were game. At least we’d prepared, and had the funds available. I’ll clear things up Monday.

A few minutes and a dozen signatures later, we were in our new place. Much nicer than expected – and despite the climbing temperatures outside, I was darn near cold ! We have a tiny kitchen, but it includes a dining area, two closets in each bedroom and a hall closet, and a large living room that is begging for our desks and bookcases.

It’s small. I fully expected that. But I hadn’t been ready for such good use of space ! Our bedroom will be big enough to hold both Beloved’s art table and study desk, along with our cubby, bed, and nightstands. And we each get our own closet ! After having our clothes crammed in one closet roughly half the size of *one* of these, I fully intend to use every inch of space in there – for doll stuff, fabric, and maybe even my clothes !

After we unloaded both vehicles, we needed a break. After lunch, we did a bit of shopping – we hadn’t done much resupply for the new place, as we knew we’d have to go out anyway once we saw what we had, and what we’d need. Turned out, not much. A small kitchen meant little counter space for appliances, so we decided to use the toaster oven for most quick meals, and do without a microwave. DMIL can have the one at their place, she needs it more. They can also have the iced tea maker, the coffee maker, and the toaster – FIL used the coffee pot more in a week than I did in a year, and it shows the wear, and the toaster was farked the day I got it at a yard sale to replace an even worse one. It mostly worked, though, so we kept it, but now, it can stay where it is. Might get a new coffee pot when the weather turns cold, and I can use the toaster oven for toast.

The oven and stove work a dream ! I boiled water and heated soup, and tonight, a ham is baking in the oven. So nice. Two more hours to go, but it even smells like ham outside. So far, the only problem is a puddle in the fridge, and I’ll report that later. There’s a reason we always include towels in the first move-load.

We got most of what we needed at Big Lots – a new shower curtain and rings, some snacks, some paper goods, a new small set of pots and pans, a Casketball outfit, and a card reader for my camera’s XD chip. That was a great find, it not only can read darn near any card, but it also has three USB ports, and the plug-in one pivots and can move to best suit any computer. I wanted one because Vision-laptop doesn’t have the one I need, and downloading from camera to computer is eating up the batteries. I wouldn’t mind, as I use rechargeables anyway, but resetting the day/date every ten days is a PITA. Talk about your ‘first world’ problems…

We’d intended to get a second load today, but we were all just too tired, and too happy to play with our computers online to muster the interest and drive to do much else. After dinner, we’re probably all gonna crash. Too bad we don’t have beds…

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  1. Congrats on your new place!! I hope you get any issues with the fridge worked out. Love the pic of your MH gang.

    Feels good to be in your own space again doesn't it. No eggshells to walk on there :O)