Monday, June 25, 2012

And this is Jinafire Long. Dig that tail !

Current Mood : Up in the air, a lot.

If there’s anything more boring than listening to someone whine about how hard their move was, it has to be writing down how hard your move was. Actually, thanks to the AirSoft guys (Thanks, you guys !), ours was much easier than I thought. It helped that we got rid of a ton of stuff before we moved to the IL’s house, too.

Problem is, now that we’re on our own again – gloriously, joyously on our own ! – we need some of that stuff once more. I managed to spend a personal record $27. at Dollar Tree today, and still don’t have everything we need. They only had jokey fly-swatters about the size of a large pizza peel, and as useful as a Kleenex raincoat for the swarms we get when we open the doors. I’m probably gonna hafta shell another $5. for a gallon pitcher at Mal-Wart, we go through Kool-Aid so fast, it’s not worth making less than a gallon at a time. For now, a clean, empty tea jug works.

And I’m not sure if our cheese grater got moved or tossed – we still have a buncha boxes in the shed that we haven’t gotten to yet. Kinda hate to spend $5. on a new one if we don’t have to. The ones at DTree were too small to zest a lemon, much less grate potatoes or cheese.

So we’re up in the air about a lot of things, but I got some of what we need now. For some reason, we have no sink stoppers, and our broom and dustpan, that we had at the IL’s house, has vanished. Since we don’t have much bare floor – just the kitchen and bathroom – I got a cheap set at DTree.

I would have spent even more, but I decided instead to just take pictures of the four knockoff-Monster High puzzles I found. I always forget my phone has a camera in it ! Even Dearest wondered what I’d do with ‘em once I got them photographed. I figured I’d donate ‘em to Toys For Tots or something – returns to DTree are not easy or welcomed. So I used the phone, and saved the bucks. You’ll see ‘em soon !

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