Sunday, June 17, 2012

It may be 'Dorrie Weekend' !

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Hope all the Dads you know had a great Father’s Day ! We took things easy today, since Beloved Hubby had the day off. Slept in, had a ham and egg feast for breakfast, and Cheddar Wurst hot dogs from the 7-11 for a late lunch. Delicious !

Spent some time at the Library, where I had fun with TRU’s Store Pickup option. Since I knew the Monster High school playset hadn’t made it here yet, I wondered where it was. So I plugged in darn near every zip code I knew, and some I looked up – it wasn’t in Dallas, or Atlanta, or Raleigh, or Chicago, or L. A., or Yakima. There were a few others, but it wasn’t in any of the cities I tried. Ah, well. This time next week, we’ll be in our new place, and I’ll be able to check again then.

I also did some window-shopping, which was fun. So many plans I have – most of which need money to happen ! But it’s nice to imagine.

MIL needed a few things, but Beloved wanted to relax after three hours of Internet Fun, so I dropped him and Dearest Son off and headed for the local grocer. And I thought they were busy on Saturdays ! Got her stuff and snacks for my guys, and decided to tour the Walgreen’s next door – they had an ad for summer/pool toys up to 75% off, and I wanted to see if there was anything good since we’re gonna be right at a pool in a few days. Nothin’. Thought about getting Dearest some goggles or a scuba-style mask, but I kinda quailed at the scuba one a bit, it reminded me of the CPAP one. (shudder)

Anyway, the sale wasn’t that much, and I figured we’d stand a better chance at getting Dearest to use one or the other if he picked out his own. So I tabled it and looked at the Toys aisle. And found that, while they still don’t have MH stickers, they did have a licensed tin box with a wrist strap. I’ve seen them on eBay, and while this one wasn’t my favorite style, it was only six bucks, and I’m sure I could find a use for it. I wondered if a tin purse would be annoying – but then thought that while it’s much too small for doll shoes, it’d be fine for their jewelry, belts, and hair accessories. Once I got it in the Study, I saw that it’d make for good doll seating, too. So I’m glad I got it. Photos on Tuesday !

Oh, and I got a letter from the Sleep Clinic yesterday. I have mild to severe sleep apnea (whatta spread, right ?) and stopped breathing, on average, about 13 times an hour. They’ve passed that information on to the VA, so I’ll call them if I haven’t heard otherwise about Thursday or so.

Meanwhile, after the shopping, I snacked with my guys and fell sound asleep for three hours. Now I feel caught up. And already sleepy again. We had a family discussion about current events, and we’re all on the same page, always a relief. We discussed restarting Dearest on an allowance, small at first, but full of opportunities to show us he could do more for more, and he’s so enthused, he took out the trash today without me reminding him. I think he’s mature enough so that this might work out this time. 

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