Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun at Target Wednesday !

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It was a good thing I messed around with Brawley’s power cords yesterday – we had an electrical outage this afternoon ! It was so weird. Fridge and fan still worked, but not the air conditioning, the lights, my outlet or Brawley’s. Beloved Hubby’s did, so I ran an extension cord to the fish tank, to keep the filter going. It was complex-wide, but I still checked the fuses before I called the office. As usual, nothing to do for it but wait it out. Darn lucky the fridge was still going, we’d just bought milk.

Yup, that happened an hour after we came back from Target, bags of stuff in tow. Dearest Son spent his money on a Lego set and a Hot Wheels special edition (i.e., two and a half times the normal price) 80s Corvette – I snagged the Sea Monster/Vampire and Gargoyle/Vampire Create A Monster sets, and a markdown Liv guy outfit, mostly for the headphones. The shirt looked much too big for any MH character, but the shoes might fit someone…and the dog-tag necklace and ‘leather’ bracelet will look good on Clawd, I think. Dearest traded me this week’s allowance for the Vampire girl doll. I’m also tossing in all the stray CAM pieces I’ve picked up from lots here and there. He wants to make his own monster.

I also found this poster for five bucks at Target, and really liked it. First time I’ve seen a Ghoulia pose I liked ! But we’re still situating things, and they had plenty, so I put it back for now. Since Dearest also put off buying an Angry Birds poster, we decided to get them once we’ve been settled a week or two. Heck, I’m not even sure where I’ll put it, but I have half a bedroom to decorate…

Two hours later, our power came back, but not the water. Called the office and it turned out there was a water main break – under two of the other apartments ! They’d been working on it all day, and the electrical outage had affected them, too. Guess that explained the running outside faucet near our door, and the small lake lapping our threshold. OK. Used the running faucet to fill buckets for the toilet tank, and I kinda knew the water was back when the faucet was dry.

It was then that I noticed the notes at each of our doors – due to an AT&T trunk outage, the emergency maintenance number was temporarily changed to xxx-yyyy. What a day the Office must’ve had ! Power outage, water main break, and phone system foul-up, all in one day.

So. I couldn’t do laundry. Couldn’t do dishes. Could play with my new dolls…but the online modem was still working…I think we all knew what I did. Updated the blog and prowled around, of course ! Oh, that was fun !

Hope your day was a little more full of utilities, but just as great a day as mine was !

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  1. Some new goodies. No chores (YAY) but plenty of toys to play with (even bigger YAY)