Monday, June 4, 2012

Not sure what I'm gonna do with that silly fanfic I wrote...

Current Mood : Giggly.

Got to hop out for a bit, but there’s still no Create A Monsters in CurrentTown. Well, no new CAMs. The old one-torso ones are still in evidence at Mal-Wart, but even those were fewer in number than before. Makes me wonder…are people still buying ‘em to scalp (in which case, good luck !), or do they not know there’s a ‘new improved’ version on the way ? Either way, it’s good that they’re selling, even though I was hoping for markdowns. I thought that not-selling markdowns would be bad for the MH line, but heck, Barbie’s been off and on those same discount shelves for decades !

We kinda loafed around and I know I didn’t do much. Beloved Hubby’s going back to work tomorrow, so our little stay-cation is over. We made a quick run to the library for a book he wanted, but I barely had time to get the previous entries posted, so I haven’t even looked for any responses. Didn’t want ya to think I was ignoring ya ! I will be sooo glad to have an internet connection again.

I had whined that I have no games on my computer, so Beloved looked up and found an online favorite of mine and downloaded it. He installed it and turned off the Library’s Wi-Fi for a quick test while I was in the bathroom, and presented it with a flourish. How sweet ! Now I could play it whenever I wanted !

Until we got back, at least. Although it doesn’t say anywhere that it requires a connection for ads or anything at all, it refuses to load without one. (sigh) It was a kind and generous thought, Beloved ! 

On the plus side, I got to turn in that ridiculous Monster High book and start the healing process of pretending it never existed. I got so wound up about it that I actually wrote a fanfic, my first ever. True, it’s only one page long, but I’m considering posting it on sometime.

I’m going through online withdrawal like you wouldn’t believe ! 

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