Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Fun Day !

Current Mood : Dazedly happy.

After being urged to consider what toys were coming with us on the move, and which ones he could donate or trash, Dearest Son told us that he wasn’t going to play much with the remote control cars he had. Those were expensive – not TRU/Mal-Wart stuff – so we offered them on Craigslist yesterday…for about 1/3 of what we paid. Surprisingly, they sold for about 2/3rds of that, but it was acceptable to Dearest, so he got the lot ready and a pair of hobbyists picked it up a few hours later. Beloved and I agreed that those were his toys, so it was his money. All he bought yesterday were some Funyuns snacks, but he has many, many plans !

Seeing him with money is both charming and worrying. It wasn’t just twenny bucks, after all. But he’s putting most of it away, which makes us proud. One of the first things on today’s agenda was Salvation Army, which had a chair he liked a few days ago. He’d agreed to leave the red recliner here if he could get that one, or another he liked. Much like me with my dolls, he’s fascinated by seating. If he had his way, you’d not be able to walk in his space, instead, you’d move from chair to chair. He actually has just enough for a low-end brand-new one, but he said, ‘I’ll get more for my money if I go to the thrift store.’. No baby-swap errors in the hospital twelve years ago, that’s for sure ! He’s my boy !

They not only still had that exact chair he liked, it was on markdown for $10. less than last week. Whoo-hoo ! He and Beloved Hubby will pick it up tonight.

I’m keeping a ledger for him, so he can see where his money’s going. I remember still the first time I had ‘real’ money, and how quickly it vanished. Some things never change. But he’ll be able to see where it went, and it’s a good learning tool.

I had some fun, too. While at SArmy, I found a bendy-neck clamp-lamp I liked, a silver bullet in great shape. The compact fluorescent bulb already in it showed it worked, just $2. But wait ! It was half-off blue tags day, and that one had a blue tag ! So did a slightly differently shaped stained white one ($2.) and a similar red desk lamp ($3.). ! Tested ‘em all, and they work. Oddly, there was an identical silver bullet desk lamp, but it was priced at $10., so I left it there. Three small lamps for $3.50 ! We can always use those, what a great deal. I’d been wanting one for the doll photo studio in the bookcase, but never had the money when I was at the store – and you can’t beat a dollar. Especially when it comes with a $5. bulb in it !

I swear, my favorite words in the English language are ‘comes with’ !

Beloved also scored, and he wasn’t even there. I found a box of Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards, 311 of ‘em, for $2. No blue tag, though. Still, these are nice. Somebody somewhere paid about $50. for these. He’ll probably also claim the silver lamp – it’ll look great on his desk ! – but that’s fine. The white one mostly cleaned up, and works just perfect on the photo shelf. When I bend the neck right, it balances flat, like a desk lamp. Don’t even need the clamp to use it. Exactly what I wanted.

Ran a few more errands, came back for lunch, then headed out for the Library again. Had to fax a form to SocSec – I forgot it yesterday – and look up a few things, remove the Craigslist ad. Then back for dishes and a shower (I’d already done a load of laundry) before my Sleep Clinic forms – my appointment is tonight, which is why this is early. I still have to pack ! And you can imagine how well I slept last night, knowing this was coming up !

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