Friday, June 29, 2012

Waterbaby Friday !

Current Mood : Wobbly

What a wonderful day ! We went swimming tonight, in the nearly-full moonlight, for nearly an hour. My legs are rubbery, but I feel so good ! I felt like I was on vacation at a resort, with a pool all to ourselves for some reason, topped off by hot showers. All the swimsuits and towels draped over the higher floor railings really added to the illusion. I actually cautioned Dearest Son to use a low voice, so as not to be a nuisance to the other ‘guests’ ! I should have said ‘residents’, but it was out of my mouth before I could correct it.

Got to go to TRU and the Flea Market, too. Nothing new in the MH aisle, but I got some markdown Moxie Teenz stuff, - their shoes fit the ghouls fairly well - and found some folders and notebooks in the school section. They were buy-one-get-one-half-off, but I only liked three of ‘em. Dearest Son helped me out by showing me a red Angry Birds folder he liked, so we were done. I also got some info on the school playset. They’ve gotten one, and just one, each Tuesday in the overnight truck. No guarantees, but if I show up at opening Tuesday, maybe they’ll have another. Here’s hoping !

Flea Market was kind of a washout. None of the sellers I liked were there, and most of the offerings were…kinda like a ragman had backed up, dumped everything, and someone heaved it all onto tables, topping it all off with a ‘$5’ or ‘This table all $1.’ signs. Dearest found two Hot Wheels Corvettes he liked, and I scored a green stone heart necklace, and we were outta there, sweating and $3. lighter. According to the digital marquee, it was already 98 degrees at 11am.

Picked up a few more things we needed – at this rate, we won’t need a big ‘stock up’ shop ! – and headed for home. After a quick stop for big sodas, I’d consumed half of mine by the time we got here. Dearest already had leftovers he wanted for lunch, and once his was cooked, I popped a fresh potato into the toaster oven, and settled in to wait. Luckily, I’d also bought cheese !  

I really should have done dishes, but I was tired of half-unpacked boxes in the way, so I got going on those. The kitchen is now a little better organized, finally, and the washcloths and dish towels are at last where they belong ! That left the box of broken-down boxes for MIL, two boxes of Dearest’s books (waiting for him to clean his bookcase), and a big box of large dolls and Barbies, and the smaller box of MH dolls that used to contain Brawley’s fish tank. Decided to ship them upright when I’d heard that some collectors had glue seepage from when theirs were shipped or moved flat. My very first Frankie has a bit of hair discoloration, probably dating back to a couple moves ago. So now, I ship ‘em standing – it’s a little embarrassing to admit I have enough for a Standing Room Only box !

So now everyone’s loosely placed, not really posed or arranged, just free from boxes and about where they belong for now. And, since we’ve pretty much redone everything, I have more room ! Not for very many dolls, but maybe a couple more guys and possibly Robecca…

That got rid of all but the box of boxes and the book boxes, and if my legs quit trembling ever so slightly, I’m off to clean bookcases. I really should have done dishes today, but at least I didn’t spend all day shopping !

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