Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OK, now the Sweet 1600 car doesn't look so ornate...

Current Mood : Overheated

 Dearest Son had another appointment today, so that was most of our day. Getting ready for it, then trying to wind down afterwards. Beloved Hubby had to return to work. We stopped in on the way back to check on MIL, who didn’t like some of the stuff we’d bought her to eat, so we had to grocery shop for her again. At least none of it will go to waste – we brought her rejects home. Got tired of the piles of books and my doll photo studio miscellany piled around my hips, so I decided to clean up my bookcase first, and get all my stuff in it, and have it done.

Which I did. Took forever, since I don’t think those bookcases have been seriously cleaned since they were assembled. Even when we used them at the IL’s house, I mostly gave them a spray and a quick wipe. Had to really dig in there to get some of those spots up – I think most were simply hand oils and soda spills that didn’t come up completely last time. Or two years ago.

Once that was done, I noticed that the way the cord from the black, vaguely Asian tower lamp draped along one side of Brawley’s fish tank bugged me. Might be bugging Brawley, too. So I decided to rearrange the lamp and the power supply…and realized that the bookcase I’d just filled up was squarely *on* the lamp cord – and Brawley’s tank filter and light was plugged into the socket behind the other bookcases ! If we ever wanted to move his tank, it’d be a major effort.

But not if I fixed it now, before the other bookcases were loaded and heavy. Since I hated to lose a working power outlet, I looked around until I found a power strip that could plug in at the soon-to-be-hidden outlet and reach behind my bookcase with a few inches to spare, to reach the tank. Only one that would work was my good one, for my computer and sewing machines. Ah, well. At least it would be easy to replace later. It took a lot of shuffling and sliding and shifting stuff, but I did it, all by m’self. I was sweating and exhausted afterward, but Brawley is now easily mobile, the lamp cord is invisible again, and we didn’t completely lose the use of that power socket. Not bad for an afternoon’s work !

One day soon, though, I'm gonna get to play with my dolls ! I still got stuff I haven't opened yet !


  1. well that was a long weekend! lol Glad you updated I know it must be hard to with moving, as it takes so much energy.

    Where did you get the box that you had your dolls in? I had never thought of moving them with them standing up. The last time I moved I carefully put them in a box and all of their hair was ruined by the time I got it inside and unpacked!

    Congratulations on the new place and having a stove that works!!

  2. I'm glad you're getting a lot accomplished. I hope to have reason to pack in a couple of months.