Friday, June 22, 2012

Every day, I'm packin', packin'...

Current Mood : Finding new depths and nuance in the word 'exhausted'

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Whoo. What a day. Woke up a bit early and just kinda played around online, like I haven’t done in months. Got very bored. At least I was well-rested enough to be bored, those air mattresses are great !

Funniest thing this morning. It was so beautiful, we turned off the air conditioning and opened the doors and windows. I’d just commented to Beloved Hubby that the only problem we had so far was the puddle in the bottom of the fridge – I’d already wiped up one on Wednesday, another yesterday, and it happened again during the night. Just then a voice called, ‘I’m here to fix the fridge ?’. Seriously ? Yep, he was at our door, ID and tools in hand. I hadn’t even reported it to the office yet ! Our frost-free model had a glitch, which he not only fixed, but tweaked so it wouldn’t happen again. He then left a magnet for his service company on the fridge door, and was gone. Wow. I think I’m gonna like it here !

One of Beloved Hubby’s AirSoft friends just moved himself, and offered us their boxes. And they used really nice ones ! It’s funny that several of them were used twice – can tell from the different writing styles used to label them – then we’re gonna use ‘em, and (shockingly !) DMIL asked for us to save them for her when we’re done with them. Something tells me we’ll soon be helping her move after all…

Even better, since there’s no Saturday Airsoft (there is Sunday, though), several of the guys have offered to help ! Wow. What wonderful guys. They’re gonna come over about 4pm tomorrow, to lift and carry and drive. (happy sigh) This is why I hardly ever mind when he goes for a game on the weekend. Well, at least I won’t mind anymore !

But that meant that we had to finish packing up today, so they wouldn’t have to sit around waiting for us. So, on his way to work, Beloved dropped me and Dearest Son at the IL’s house with all those thoughtful boxes, a roll of tape, and a Sharpie, and we got to it.

Luckily I also had my inhaler, because I wasn’t quite as ‘over’ my last attack as I thought. But, if the turtle taught us anything, it’s that slow and steady wins the race, so I did what I could, took breaks, and got back to it. So did Dearest. We broke for a ramen lunch and played with the garden hose to cool down before heading back into the fray. The air conditioning works, but lugging, shifting, taping, and packing will still make you sweat, even if you’re in a 45-degree room ! 

Used up every last box, but we got darn near everything packed up, save for some of the Arena bits and the books. Most of the boxes were too big for books, and even if I just filled them part of the way up with ‘em, there really wasn’t much soft or lightweight stuff to fill the space. All our sheets have been bagged up, they’re going straight to the Laundromat before they go to the new place. We may have to spray anyway, the fleas were really bad today at their house.

FIL sent DMIL a letter, and the only reason I know about it (‘cuz it’s none of my business !) is because I checked their mail – much of ours is still going there – and saw it. When Beloved came to get us and a load of stuff, DMIL told him that FIL had sent some money for her. Meanwhile, she had us look at their Checking account. It’s only $300. in the red now ! I hope that included the two ‘you bounced a check, dummy !’ cards that also arrived in the mailbox today…

We’re gonna get her some groceries tomorrow morning, and while she offered whatever funds FIL sent, we’ll take care of her ourselves. She only wanted a few things of ours, saying she’d never cook that or eat this, but she would like for us to pick her up a few things she would like. So we don’t need near as many groceries as we thought.

Once home (squeee ! ‘Home’ !), Beloved backed Venus-Diesel to the bedroom window, and we unloaded the day’s haul in that way. It was kinda late, and we didn’t wanna bother the neighbors by walking back and forth in the breezeway, lugging heavy boxes. Most of it was Dearest’s toys and Beloved’s art table-desk and such, but I was just glad I didn’t have to put any of my toys away ! I was exhausted.

But I know darn well where my inhaler is ! 

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  1. That's great that his buddies offered to help. Take it easy and you should be fine. It's still great to be away from the fray