Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Won’t You Be Glad When I Get Back To Meaningless Doll Chatter !

Current Mood : Weary. And I still gotta do dishes. 

Man, what a day ! Got our tax return, but it was a lot less than we expected. Ah, well. Our own mistake, although I’m still not sure how we did that. I’m just grateful we didn’t have to pay in…but the big thing is, rent for the move and next month is paid for ! To be honest, I was getting a little nervous by the time we paid the cutoff notice water bill…

I also have the my-name-only Checking account SocSec insists on, and it has the ‘open an account’ deposit in it. For now. I’m not gonna spend a dime of it. ‘Cause if I spend a dime, I’ll blow it all ! Can’t afford that, even now. Not sure why now it has to be in my name only, since MIL and FIL didn’t get theirs at the same time either, yet they were able to use a joint account. Of course, MIL would be in a much better place financially if they *had* insisted…

But at least it’s done, and in a few days, I’ll withdraw most of the ‘open account’ deposit and put it in our joint account, leave just a few bucks in there. In a week, I’ll have an ATM card – and I am sooo glad it’ll take that long to get it ! Oh, the temptation !

I pretty much failed my sleep test. Between all the wires – seriously, I looked like a stereo from Hades – the unfamiliar room and bedding, the ‘lights out’ at 10:30pm, and not being able to really read m’self down, I didn’t sleep for squat. And I had breathing issues. Unfortunately, after the very nice tech put the CPAP mask on me, I had a complete and total freak out / meltdown within minutes. I felt like I was drowning, and even knowing I was surrounded by cool, delicious air didn’t change that. Had a full scale panic attack, and it fed on itself and got huge. I’m only glad it was a quiet freak fest and I didn’t wake the other patient. My tech got the mask off and I was soon face to face with my old frienemy, the cannula. It took me far longer than I would have thought to calm down, so I maybe got two hours of sleep before she woke me at 5:30am. But to my knowledge, my breathing was much better with the air tube.

It’s pretty much dead certain I have sleep apnea. It’s also a fact that I’m unable to wear that mask. Remembering it enough to write this is creeping me out. I’m starting to wonder if I have claustrophobia, which I’ve never considered before. I won’t get any results for a week – someone’s gotta go over all those readings – but I won’t be surprised to find m’self on oxygen again, at least at night.

Beloved Hubby was already in the parking lot when I messaged him, so I was home before the sun rose. Despite getting next to no sleep last night or the night before, I’m wide awake, and despite the best efforts of White Rain shampoo, I  still have patches of gunk in my hair where leads and wires were attached. Ick. On the plus side, I think I’ve discovered what Mattel puts in doll hair to maintain the style…

The rest of the day went well. More errands are out of the way, I got the packet of info SocSec was sending me, FIL’s bank sent another ‘you’re in arrears’ letter, and I got to read for a while. Beloved was home early enough to take us to the library, yaaay !

The next ‘big thing’ is Beloved’s birthday, then it’s all about the move. I’m hoping that, by the time my birthday rolls around, things are a bit more staggered – it’s been everything all the time this month so far ! 

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