Saturday, June 9, 2012

Only the birds are angry, I'm in a pretty good mood, m'self...

Current Mood : Rich

Was really eager to get out for a bit, so with Beloved Hubby headed off to work, I planned out the day. First, a call from Social Security – they needed to verify some information – was nowhere near the inquisition I thought it’d be. Truthfully, we claimed Disability on our doctors’ advice when I was so sick, but darn it, I got better, and I thought we got a ‘denied’ letter. That was fine with me, I’d rather be healthier than have the money.

Then we got a letter, informing us of the phonecall and the information they needed. I have no idea what’s going on – evidently there’s disability and there’s SocSec, or something, and they’re separate – but I’m not gonna deny a government agency what they need when I started it. So when Mrs. S was so nice and kind to me, it was actually fun to speak with her. Here’s hoping !

With that done, Dearest Son and I got ready. I had a $5. check from an eBay survey, a buncha quarters gleaned from the change jar, and a $10. gift certificate from Kohl’s. Not sure why, but Kohl’s sends those out every spring, and I find a way to get there and spend around $15. bucks on something. I love shopping with free money ! And at the end of the day, I’m all gleeful because I only spent $5. Who knows, they might even have Monster High dolls !

No such luck, but Dearest found two ‘Angry Birds’ stuffed animals, the trademark red one and a droopy-eyed blue one that came with rabbit ears. They were $13. each, but my boy is truly mine, he got ‘em on markdown for less than $4. each ! That left just a couple bucks on the $10. certificate, so I looked around a bit and found some dishtowels on markdown for $3.45. We’ve been needing those since our last apartment, so I snagged ‘em and headed for the register. $33. worth of stuff for $1.36 ? We were both really gleeful today ! One of his Angry Birds ‘talked’, and they’re so soft. He played with them all day.

I also got to see – and wait a short eternity for – a rare sight. Two trains chugged on the tracks at once, one heading east, the other west. If one sped up, the other slowed down, and amazingly, they must’ve been nearly the same length, since they both cleared the junction where we waited within seconds of each other. With all the windows down and a nice breeze blowing, Starlight was a comfy place to wait and relax a bit.

Since I’d paid the Kohl’s balance in pocket change, I still had my $5. from eBay. Best way to spend it ? Frozen pizzas for everybody ! I got the good kind that’s only sold in one place around here, and well worth the extra 36c for each. Also some cornmeal, since I’m gonna learn to fry fish. I figure, by the time I get it right, I’ll have used our frozen stores of tilapia and flounder. I’m embarrassed to admit how many different freezers those have been in…

By the time I got Dearest and MIL’s pizzas cooked and served, I was ravenous. That may explain why I ate the whole ‘party pizza’ when I usually only consume 3/4ths of it. It’d been a while since we had that brand, and the others we’d tried just weren’t as good, so I had that going on, too. It was delicious ! Poor Beloved had to choke down a cardboard cheeseburger from 7-11 for lunch, but his pizza awaits him in the freezer, whenever he wants it. MIL liked hers, too. Didn’t see so much as a flake of crust on Dearest’s plate.

I’d intended to hit the Library, but I was so sleepy after all that food, it just didn’t happen. Beloved’s taking us tomorrow. I love having things to look forward to !

And there’s just a few more things I need to tweak in the Arena, and I wanna scan a few pages so I can return the books…love being busy, too. 

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