Monday, January 30, 2012

Lagoona says, "Hi !"

Current Mood : Sunny, with chance of shrug. 

Finally, 'After School' Lagoona gets something new to wear. You remember this lovely, she's the one I agonized over getting or not for weeks, because I wanted her 'hang loose' hand and clothing - but mostly those awesome, memory-triggering pink jelly shoes. I caved when the online Mattel store had her for 20% off with free shipping - and, beautiful as she is, she and I simply never really bonded. It's embarrassing to admit, but this is the first time she's worn anything except what a Mattel employee put on her. (cringe) Sewed this one up today, and hope to attempt a matching shrug later tonight. After sitting on it for two or more years, I am in a massive hurry to use up that Dollar Tree hat I'm using for fabric on these.

And I'm still not sure those colors suit her, but I think she looked great today out in the waning sunlight. The breeze really played with her hair, that's why one part's going one way, and another lock is going another. This underwater sensation will soon swim her way through a cardboard box ocean to get to her new home with DIsArmyWife. She and I are in deep, secret negotiations long into the night, involving lockers, Lagoona, and Fimo food. We're trying to avoid Sicilians, death on the line, and land wars in Asia. I've heard they're not good.

It's been more fun than I thought to play with her. The slight dent just past her hairline before her neck joint has eased out - I can only barely remember where it was. Oh, and she does have her leg fins - I forgot to put 'em back on for the photo. Hadda take 'em off to remove her original outfit. Her 'skin' has a really pearly sheen to it that you can't really see through the fishnet elements of her original wear, especially on her legs. What'cha think, DIsArmyWife ?

This dress looks a bit better than Cleo's because I took it in a bit at the top - and altered then scanned the 'new' pattern for the next one - and hand-sewed the hems at the top and bottom. The other two don't really have bottom hems. I  mostly stitched them with a zig-zag, trying to 'lettuce edge' them, and forgot that those need to be steamed with an iron to really ruffle up. So next time I break out the iron, I hope I remember to save some steam for these.

Another thing I forgot - UncleIL came home the same night of the accident, the hospital didn't admit him. Had some serious bruises on his knees, shin, and chest, and he ached all over, but nothing was broken, thank Everything. Insurance agents have already begun the voodoo they do, and we're all hoping things go well there. His car is a total write-off, the dash is bent up, it was leaking all kindsa fluids after impact, and all but one of the airbags deployed, which means it's a salvage-only title here, at best. He's got a few days to retrieve the last of his personal items, then insurance takes the poor wreck away. Sad, 'cause he really did love that car, even if the payments were less than cuddly. He thanks everyone for their kind wishes.

Well, I'm gonna go try that shrug. Wish me luck, ya'll ! 


  1. So glad to hear the UncleIL is home, glad he wasn't hurt badly. Will continue to end healing thoughts his way!
    Lagoona looks fabulous! I understand your dilemna about what colors to put her in. While this dress is gorgeous, it almost looks washed out on her, or she looks washed out in it..not sure which!
    Secret negotiations are going nicely, shoot me an email so we can continue talks. Most definitely good to avoid the Sicilians (although the food is awesome!) Death anywhere is bad and well Asia can get a little out of hand, but man the colors in their clothing is fabulous! =D

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower!!! I'm just getting into 1/6th scale things and trying to build a dollhouse out of an old shelf for my Pure Neemos XD
    I'm really loving your tube dresses and am also following you via RSS feed so that I'll actually get updates on a regular basis! I can't wait to read more :)
    (ps, if you check out my blogs, the majokko shop is the 1/6th one... I don't expect you to at all, but I always have people get confused and comment on my book blog or something.)